Working with Eclipse Energies

When I asked Archangel Michael about working with Eclipse Energies, here is what I received:

Dear Ones,

This time is part of you already, as a wholeness. Think of it as a spiral, an ascending current of light meeting you, merging with you, amplifying you, lifting you into a more refined state of expression.

Each of you meet this Eclipse with a deep sense of knowing. This is the time of Creation opening up to it's direct relationship with life on Earth. This is the time of those of us, embodied on Earth -- You beautiful ones -- finding yourselves in an increasingly clear state of being.

These eclipses are clearing the way to life beyond beliefs. This first eclipse will help you shift into a body/mind relationship with life. This is our way of speaking to your conscious awareness and knowing being, consciously experienced, within your body (which is not you.) What will occur is a increased sense of separation between your identity and your emotions.

We know emotions can be very exquisite experiences. You will continue to have access to them, you will simply discover more and more that they are stuff and not you and so be able to relate to them with greater freedom and fluidity.

To work with the Eclipse Energies of this first Lunar Eclipse we suggest you make a list of all the feelings that are hard for you. See if you can list 5-10 major themes that throughout your life have been challenging emotionally, like "No one is there for me," or "I love feeling enthusiasm."

You'll notice we're listing what you would think of as both positive and negative emotional states. Neither are you and the point is to experience THAT. So the feelings that will be hard for you are both what you think of as the positive and negative ends of the spectrum -- those you grasp after and those you wish to push away.

After you make a list, spend a little time with each one.

1) Is this me? Who am I if I am not feeling this? What remains of me when I am feeling the opposite of this? Can I still be me without this? Play with how strong your sense of identification is about this.

2) What if I no longer believe in this? What do I have to drop? What would change for me?

3) Lastly, ask yourself, "Am I willing to do this?" If so, then drop it.

Once you've done this with each item on your list, burn the list in a small bowl or pan, then wash the pan with cool, clear water. Seeing your fluidity and clarity echoed in the water.

We suggest you celebrate the rest of the day, feeling your own more refined energy circulating freely within you. Have fun! Enjoy the day. Look up at the moon with loving appreciation -- the moon and you are One in the same, working from different points of focus, together! Creation is collaborating with itself. You are living this!

We look forward to this Eclipse Cycle with you and to sharing it, like all of this time, with you.

I am Archangel Michael


Deeni 15th April 2014 11:23 am

Thank You, Archangel Michael.

Thank You, Meredith.


Much Love and Light to All. : )

Tiff 17th April 2014 4:24 pm

Thank you, Meredith, AA Michael. :angel:


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