You Are in a New Situation

Hello Dear Ones and Greetings to You,

We are most honored to participate with you in this soar fest. At this time on Earth there is an incredible intense process unfolding for you and so continually orienting to your higher levels and returning to the vibration of an ascending energy within your collective stream, is most beneficial. 

More and more clarity is becoming expanding in your world. What this feels like to each of you will vary, but a lot of it is having moments of realization. You may find that within these moments of realization that you cannot still see the whole, the newness in a coherent way as it takes shape. You may be unclear what you life is headed into. How you will shape it, what you will be doing, how it will all work. Many of you are feeling a big upheaval and it feels hard.  

Many of you are noticing that you also at the same time, have access to more high vibrational energy more often. Despite not knowing how life is going to work and in many moments not being able to see the pathway in front of you, you are nonetheless still experiencing more and more periods of high vibrational energy and your comfort with this higher energy has also increased. 

Today is a day where we come together and we hope to explain some things to talk about some things which will further your sense of realization, because it is this ongoing realization process that is happening as you awaken to the expanded presence of your own fullness, which opens you up. In the moments of realization and in your trusting of them, you step beyond what was for you. You step out of what used to be for you. You simply move beyond it, into a new enlarged spaciousness that is initially disorienting, but which you gradually acclimate to. But it is as if you hardly realize you are acclimating because as you are acclimating and beginning to work within this newness another  realization comes, and you may find these to be very seemingly small things, small insights, ways you realize you bought into an idea that limited you, ways you made something right and wrong within your life that you didn't need to, it could be a small thing reflecting on an interaction with someone you love, it could be a seemingly superficial thing like realizing you didn't see what was really meant by the person at the grocery store who irritated you, it doesn't matter…these insights and realizations are happening more and more now and what is happening in them is you are finding ways you connect to everyone. You are noticing how you can relate to everyone and everything. You are seeing beyond boundaries. 

This is creating wave upon wave of openness in your experience, so what it feels like is often quite disorienting and quite like you are doing fine and you know you're fine, but you keep not quite getting settled, you keep not quite figuring it out and then it changes again. You keep not quite getting enough sleep. You keep not quite knowing what's next for you, although you sense things.

This is happening because you are empowering enormous infusions of all that you are to reorganize your presence here. And as this takes shape, as your presence is continually reorganized to accommodate and take guidance from the fullness of your being, as the lower levels integrate with the upper levels of your energy field in a peaceful wholeness, which is happening little by little, this integration, then you feel different and yet like you and like actually MORE of you. So we hope that by explaining this a bit you will begin to internalize this orientation to your experience and that it will soften up your desire to get so explicit in naming and understanding things in the ways you used to do things.

In the newness you are coming into and being as, you will not require the same detailed information about things to create things to make decisions to live and flow and move and shift and change and be here on Earth. You will actually operate from a more generalized sense of knowing that speaks very articulately to you in this exact present moment. So in the present moment you will have all the specificity you will need but in looking beyond the present moment you will only sense general direction and impressions. This is an empowered perspective. In being more fully present in the NOW, the eternal non-self-ness of you can come forth and your Royal Divine True Nature, the fine, incredible, expanded, SOURCE OF YOU, can come in and make things happen. Open up the world and the situation and your experience. This can only happen in the present moment and so it is through this total attentiveness to the fullness available to you in the present that you actually open up what's next as well as feel the fullness of your being.

And so we encourage you to begin to build a greater knowing about your way of being now and to see and feel that the world is really totally different for you as a result of your embodiment. And this is the beginning of feeling and knowing and orienting to physical reality in entirely new ways. This is the promise of Earth's ascension and your divine embodiment, coming together in through and as your presence in this incredibly uplifted human form.

Your bodies, dear ones, oh my word your bodies! Such incredibly intelligent systems of energy and light! informing you here and now so that you might facilitate your presence and our presence and all that flows through you to be here now in this physicality on this leading edge where no one has been before because it is only unfurling in this moment of aliveness and light and love and being and expanding WHOLENESS!

We are alive within you! We are alive within you and it is glorious. So do feel a sense of accomplishment and use your realizations to know you are continually opening into more spaciousness and realize you ARE this eternal non-self-ness and you are completely supported and safe and all is well all the time and you can really relax finally and there is no rush with any of this.  

And you can just let your field fill up with all of you and you can take whatever time you need to get used to this new way of being in all this spaciousness.  

And you can really celebrate all the insights and realizations you have which at this point are empowering your wholeness in realy substantial and significant ways, as they open up boundaries and former patterns, and the spaciousness, yes, it can be like not knowing what's up or what to do, but it can also be a new situation. 

A new situation which will not need to be met in the ways you met the old situations in the old energies. In this new situation you don't need to be so in control. you don't need to micromanage your experience. You don't need to choose choose choose all the time. You can turn over your focus to all that you are and be in a pure state of experiencing being. 

And loving the life that flows through you and trusting it to further your exploration and experience along this leading edge. And wow, how easy that can all get and be and what a light you are for everyone who is not here yet where you are. What a light you are. So reassuring to everyone and everything that it's all coming out into newness in a way that is encouraging and building confidence in those who are still trying to decide if they can trust their inner voice, their inner knowing, that inner call to greater being which is sounding throughout everything and everyone on Earth at this time. The greater energies of all that you are, are here within your planet and within each of you now and those of you who have opened to this, who are participating in this consciously, who are inviting this in, wow, wow, wow are you empowering and expanding wholeness. 

We thank you for your realizations! And the ability it is giving all that is to stretch out into a new spaciousness and take it in, and feel the expansion and just reveal in the ease and the liberation of light into form. 

We love you so very much. Please know this.

We are the Council of Light 


zorro 21st May 2013 6:40 am

Meredith and Council , yes, we are in a “New Situation”

As Einstein discovered, Euclidian Geometry, deductive and logical properties of space, start to fall apart as the gravitational field becomes weak. Is anybody out there experiencing an effort to get their “sea legs” back?

Thoughts and feelings influence torsion fields. Your consciousness affects the unified-field. Our agreement about our new reality, our unified consciousness, is affecting the field that we all exist in. What is happening is okay because we have created it! It is a psionic effect caused by changes in the torsion field, caused by our own rising consciousness and intention which can easily influence water (among other things). Your own body is 57 to 75% H2O. Babies are 75-80 % water. Your brain is appx. 85% water! Ask Dr. Emoto if he is surprised with what is going on. LOL! Bless the water! I bless you! I sprinkle you with whol-e water. Pay it forward my brave friends. We are a spin force and a carrier wave of enlightenment to our worlds.

zorro 21st May 2013 6:51 am

One other thing…these affects go forward and backward in time. Yes, changes in consciousness felt deeply are palindromic in effect! These changes affect your ideas about the past and they are then freer to influence the future in a positive and powerful way, as well, The influences are truly holographic. We give, we create, we are, the water of life. This lunar eclipse in Sagittarius is in dynamic T-square to Neptune, ruler of the seas, and will be felt in the emotional body with the potential to allow big changes in our subconscious energy. The sun will be in Gemini air, the Moon in fire Sagittarius, both T-squaring Neptune in watery Pisces which Neptune rules, so we will feel the pulling and influencing our emotional tides. And the missing element on the open end of this planetary torsion funnel? Oh yes, WE provide the EARTH.

Ktstreitz 21st May 2013 9:01 am

Zorro - thanks for sharing your insights, I hadn't thought before about changing my perceptions of the now, future AND the past. That feels true.

Yay!! hooray!! huzaa!!


Peter fox 21st May 2013 11:25 am

Inspiring message,Meredith,thank you. Exciting times!!

bets 21st May 2013 2:12 pm

Thank you once again for a message that resonates on such a deep level and puts into words feelings I couldn't express myself.

betsy. 21st May 2013 3:24 pm

"So do feel a sense of accomplishment and use your realizations to know you are continually opening into more spaciousness and realize you ARE this eternal non-self-ness and you are completely supported and safe and all is well all the time and you can really relax finally and there is no rush with any of this." I really like the no rushing part. LOL. Thank you so much for the beautiful, loving, supportive message! Much love to you!!!

kaykay 22nd May 2013 3:30 am

Hi Zorro

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Your insight always puts a smile on my face! :)

kaykay 22nd May 2013 3:39 am

Thank you Meredith for this loving message from The Council of Light :)


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