You Have a Compass Within You

Be a Voice, not a Echo

As you encounter and open to the stream of your inner being, you start to feel more at peace. Life opens. Life begins to speak to you, reminding you of who you are because you've started to pay attention to that kind of awareness. You have a compass within you and if you activate it with your attention, it can guide every moment of your life. 

The reason you're here is to be present as you. It may seem hard to believe that in and of yourself, there is a beauty, a uniqueness, a radiance so precious and amazing that everything that is longs for the sound you are...but it is so.

You being genuine, directly, authentically, clearly present as you, is your life. If it feels like things have become difficult, if you feel without passion, or purpose, having lost your zest, it's likely from being a little or a lot off your game. It may be that you've just distracted yourself from you.

Why not get yourself re-aligned now and start again?

Every day is a chance to slip into ease, and discover what it's like to be you -- without restraint, without hesitation. To be met with love ... just as you are.


bets 9th September 2013 1:30 pm

Wonderful, Meredith. Thank you. It's so easy to get caught up in outside noise and reflect it back, but I'm reminded frequently to choose the inner sense of self that has been rising. Fortunately, it's getting easier to do. This is another lovely reminder.

bluefeatheryone 9th September 2013 3:02 pm

What a beautiful, loving reminder. Thank you for the encouraging reminder, Meredith! :smitten:

cyndy 9th September 2013 5:38 pm

And sometimes I just need to get out of my own way.


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Ailia Mira is a channel, artist, author and inspirational speaker. An embodied member of the Council of Radiant Light she is a translator and transmitter of these energies.


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