8/8/08 Channeling: There Is No Wrong Way, There Is Just A Heart Way

8/08 Channeling – Florida: Pleiadian Council of 888

Throughout the vibration of time, throughout the vibration of liberty, and throughout the pursuit of what you seek to be, you have announced to yourself over and over in many dialogues of self what you will and will not accept, what you will and will not become, and what you will and will not do.  The light, of your exchange in this humanness deems and demands much of you.  In upcoming times of energy exchange you will be asked to shed the skin of old thinking and allow the birth of what is yet to be thought, into placed into a think tank of deliberation. 

We are the Pleiadian energies and we come forth on this day as many in this room have asked.  The exquisiteness of your yearning to become more, thrills our hearts and our souls as we see you struggling in the muck of your everyday existence.  Each day you drag yourself from the tar pits of your experience like a long embalmed dinosaur and you move outward looking for light energy, looking for a light pattern of any vibrational upliftment.  Many humans at this time do not see the Great White Hope that seeks to know itself.  Many humans at this time have given up and have allowed themselves to ride on a rollercoaster of ‘whatever shall be shall be.’ Do you or do you not think you are responsible for your creation or do you see yourself just as a pawn of circumstance.  Can this pawn play the role of the King, can this pawn knight itself, and can this pawn lift itself to the castled tower. 

Every one of you that will read this information  has asked to be a tool of light.  You have begged, you have pleaded, you have cried, you have bargained to become who and what you are now. you have allowed yourself to be sidetracked by events and energies on Earth that come to undo you.  As a straw man that is strewn about, you seek parts of yourself that you have lost day after day.  You seek to become whole again but yet you waste so much time putting yourself back together again.  We tell you that it is time to walk away from the straw man that you once thought yourself to be and seek other avenues of employment and use of your daily wattage of light. 

There is no going back to the vibrational pattern of what was.  There is no more learning’s in your human past.  Chewing  the past like old cud is making you sick, unhappy, poor.  Each morning you are given the gift of being 100% filled with light. You spend those increments of light throughout the day in everybody’s business and drama, worrying about what you look like, what is to come what some one may say about you.  You focus too much life force on so many things outside of your internal necessities.  The vibration of your light will demand in the four plus years that you no longer worship the Gods of the past, that you no longer worship love that has left you, you no longer worship love that has died.  You were placed on this Earth with encodings that go beyond your comprehension.  Your specific vibration and light is part of the universal puzzle, and you are an important piece. 

You continually walk back three steps and only one-step forward over and over again and thus you have created a rut in your habitat.  If you could see the brilliance and the beauty and the light that you hold you would never spend your treasures on what has already been donned the past.  We need your attention in the future for upcoming events.  Do not lick the wounds that someone gave to you years ago but allow yourself to taste the sweetness of life in the now.  You are here at a request, you have stood in a celestial line of eons of times to come back to this particular arrangement of atoms and molecules and light.  You are not here to spend your energy and life force like a child in a candy shop.   

When you see yourself at the most beautiful in your mind’s eye, when you see yourself in that svelte gorgeous pattern of human light that is when your Pleiadian enterprise is activated.  Each one of you holds a highly advanced being within their energy schematics.  That Being has direct orders of what they are to do on Earth.  After this 888 day these energies will make themselves much clearer than they have in the last thirty years.  Your DNA and your cellular content is beginning to remember in the fullness of time why it was originally birthed and what this time experiment has to offer all of Earth.  You are determining not just you own life, not just the life of your planet, but also the life of your entire solar system. 

The Earth herself through all her luminescent objectivity will announce through various paranormal events new exquisite light that is to be housed on her new physical body.  New light dance in your life and new lights will dance on Earth herself.  The energy of livingness and plasma conduits with a living consciousness, animated electrons and ions and molecules, have an agenda of their own.  When you see these light frequencies outside of yourself, pay attention. 

Many of your have the ability to see those that have passed on and you spend much time acknowledging their existence. Once again this is the wrong use of light force.  We ask you to see beings into the future, to see beings and possibilities that are upcoming and not to continually look backward in time and vibration.  Every experience of being human has passed – there is not a now per say – for the moment your brain recognizes the situation, it has already passed.  Nanoseconds have cleared the landing field.  Everything about humanness seems to dwell in what was.  There truly does not exist a now unless you move yourself ahead of the brain, the eyes and the heart into a receiving pattern in front of your physicalness with future sight.  

Many within the world will experience upheaval – more than they ever deemed so.  Any that do not listen to the instructs and the guiding system of these new lights and do not adhere to the rules of objectives will experience transformation in a painful physical way.  By moving your awareness ahead of your physical body into the time slot that stands very much in front of your eyes it is as a scout or a guidance system that looks, seeks and finds what it is that you need and the instructs that will deliver you from a place of lesser than. 

You are emissaries of light and representatives of such a vast essence.  You are not cut from a cloth that was dirty and tattered; you are cut from a seamless garment of light that is luminescent and exquisite and can be nothing else but.  Yes you are clothed in your humanness in your own clothes in your own thoughts and in your own days.  But within you is a structure of such vast light – we ask you to please, please believe that about yourselves. 

All the stars and stellar vibrations that come from deep space are here to assist you in embracing a vibration that has never existed on Earth.  This is not something you can read about, this is something that is a hands on experience.  You will write the manual, you will decipher the code minute by minute experience by experience.  There are no instructions for this next part of the path.  What comes to you as a truth is a truth for it can be no other way?  Allow these energies that we birth through you this evening on the morrow to come forth.  There is a Pleiadian mother ship above all that is happening.  Many times she is disguised in the clouds.  Within that ship are portals of time that many of you come and go and experience in your sleep. 

Allow these energies to interact with you and do not be afraid of sensations that come to you that you feel you do not have control over; the sense of falling when you’re walking, the sense of floating when you’re walking, the sense of becoming demolecular when you are speaking to someone, the energy of leaving yourself completely in mid sentence.  Allow these energies to be birthed– you are in a dimensional flux.  You are not who you are, you are not who you were; you are becoming a new definition of light. 

These instructs are encoded within you and it is there that you will find the manual to assist you in these shifts.  Believe in your heart that there is no right way, there is no wrong way, there is just a heart way.  The heart is a vastly intelligent organ.  It sees and hears before anything else so listen with your heart and discern.  Do not trust your five senses for they are mottled and not as they should be.  We are the Pleiadian Council of Light of 888.  Each of you is coming home in physical form.  We leave you.