8/8/08 Channeling: What You Seek as a Planet Now Has More Mass To It

We are all at a Point of No Return as one that passes through the pastures of their life seeing refuse from a world of upheaval. Not looking back yearning only for what the future shall bring in the hidden dialogue of destiny. We sit at this place of lest resistance as the time doors of 2008 open to experience themselves in a new longitude and latitude of placement. 

What was once sought is now freed into expression of self and purpose.  Truths that were once hidden where the human eyes could not see now unwrap themselves in the schematics and the lands of the new time dialogue.  Energies that went un-harnessed from past experiences now entrain upon themselves.  Duality of purpose seeks a partner as each person of Earth dances around and around within their head, their heart and the choices of their life. 

Time passages announce opportunities that have been dormant.  As the great planet Jupiter writes itself into the diary of time, abundant tidings that were put on hold now move forward in a ballet of celestial proportion.  This expansiveness cannot be bridled or harnessed, but only ridden in a free form expression. hold on tight to all you once dreamt was possible.  you are asked to embrace the solitude of your thoughts and allow them to be birthed into a phoenix probability.  All the fires and the transformations and transmutations one has endured has burnt away the drowse of the limitations of being human and living upon Earth. dancing in the arms of one’s own dreams allows one to unfold into perfect petal proportion. 

As the sands of time slide through the entrances and exits of all that is sacred, seen and unseen, humanity’s future is unveiled as it is viewed thru a spectrum of possibility that has not existed up until this time. 

As each person walks forward in their life, there is a set of footprints, an energetic path that they announce and leave in the world.  The energies of the angels on high come to lift you into a place that you will not fall or falter or stump yourself on the path of humanity’s ignorance.  The angels on high allow you to come to a birthing point where you are no longer restless in flight, allowing you safe passage in the air and on water

Time asks you not to give up on what lives in your heart and your dreams.  The Universe has placed within you a seed that cannot wither, nor falter, nor be sewn under.  The Universe has placed in you a dormant imprint, an energetic encoding that asks to be seen under the microscopic lens of your heart. 

Earth and all her inhabitants are at a point of no return that demands that every thought be clear and concise in its out put.  No more random ravings and musings by people that wallow in fear.  No more allowances for the mistakes by those in power as they look for ways to polish their own metals that are so tarnished by their previous choices. 

Every individual upon Earth has the opportunity to ask for divine assistance, for divine acknowledgment, for divine intervention.  Many allow themselves to be washed about in a tidal pool as the waves come and go pushing about them as they try to cling to the sides of their life.  Each thought that humanity has is more powerful and important than the thought before.  In each thought the wisdom has increased exponentially from the limited perception of moments before.  Every interaction with every person gives to you food for thought to be digested in your own discretion. 

When you hear news of sadness about those around you, do not immediately  jump into that cesspool of thought and assist them in the drowning experience but move your heart  and your energies up to a safe place and viewing platform where one can see the totality of the choices and the chances as they are currently displayed. 

Those that wear the higher patterns of light, out of earthtime as we know it, will be asked to go beyond what they deem safe and suitable for their experiences.  What this means is that you will be given instructions that will ask you to fly, move mountains, and dance through time and space.  You will be given instructions from the Universe within the patter of your heart beat that asks you to surpass anything you thought you could possibly accomplish.  You will be asked to become the legions of light that only know themselves as such, the legions of God that have no fear and the legions of heart that hold humanity within the very palms of their hands. 

So many of Earth have chosen not to change, not to move forward, not to believe and not to trust even their own council.  So many of Earth have given up, have not seen their absentee landlord, God, in many moons, have not felt the presence of the angels, have not seen the manifestations of miracles as they once displayed themselves.

The energy of miracles has taken the form of raindrops deeply needed on one street and not another. The belief system in an entire town may allow their water to be healing, their flowers to be more potent and beautiful and full of scent but across the highway to the  next town the land is parched and dying of thirst. 

What you seek as a planet now has more mass to it. What this means is every thought is thicker and weighs more.  The biological warranty has expired and shifted in the land of the unseen.  Once the fairies were but a glimmer on a petal now they ride the dragonflies fully seen and fully felt.  The belief system of Earth has faltered because they do not see with the eyes of faith – most have given up on being rescued, most have given up on the angels and many have even given up on God. 

As a planet you are asked to believe in what is invisible, what cannot be seen, with the naked eye, what cannot be touched nor smelled or tasted.  You are asked to believe in a supernatural being that placed you here for your highest good and growth and then walked away to focus on another project.  You have been asked to believe that every loss, every death, was wrapped in a divine opportunity, a chewy center that you often choked upon and stuck to the roof of your heart.  We come to tell you that the MATTER of It, that which you seek walks amongst you at this time.  It listens when you speak. It dances with you in your dreams.  It soothes the patterns of your heart.  The miracles that humanity so need are here, if they will but believe 100%. For a miniscule pattern of doubt creates a toxic stream that cannot be diluted. 

As the planets line up and the eclipses of the heart begin to stake themselves out, a deep deluge of emotions, will arise to the surface - angers and hates and loves and tears and sadness.  As the eclipses of August and the vibration 9/11 make themselves felt and seen many countries on the Earth will begin to feel victimized.  Many individuals will change the poles and temperature of earth to align what they feel their little ‘g’ God has told them to do. 

As these eclipses birth themselves through the dark womb of life, a great veil of sadness will befall Earth, a heaviness of the heart.  This energy comes to limit the perception by a saddened global experience.  Great amounts of death will be seen in countries with so many people they are not even counted.  Many earthly upheavals will come and people will cry out to the creator and the savior.  This is a time of swimming to shore but praying within every stroke.  It is a time of acting upon one’s prayers and becoming a living prayer for someone outside of you.  The sadness that befalls is biological and deep of cellular content. 

A giant purging occurs on all of Earth as the heart heaves a deep sigh.  There is nothing to do but float during this time period.  Choices cannot be seen in a clear light.  Many will panic and the monetary system of earth will show that.  It is up to each and every one of you to hold high your contract of light, above the watermarks of life.  This too shall pass but the days and the nights will seem a yearlong each. 

People that you have taken for granted may walk out of your life, may walk off the Earth.  People will make choices that do not make sense to anyone around them.  Imagine a great meteor coming to your Earth and all eyes look up. (cancel clear on this example) Earth has one focus and all pray as one light.  Often times these cellular biological upheavals of the human heart are necessary to dig down into another shaft of light.  It does not bring us joy to mention these words to you.  It does not make us feel bigger or shinier to say this but we prepare you for storms to come.  Some of these will be physical storms, others political storms, others emotional and personal storms.  Through all of this deluge be true to yourselves; be true to what you perceive as God and truth and light.  Do not falter but continue walking forward for there is an end and beginning to all storms.  We are the Sirian Council of Light.  You who are the chosen ones must now choose for yourselves.  What matters in your world?  We leave.

Sirian Council of Light