Battling Flying Monkeys

As we all come to the middle of the month it is obvious that we all have been battling flying monkeys with a rubber band in the middle of a scene from ‘frozen’. Every day has become an adventure, just getting your chores and errands done can bring the most unexpected situations. You wake up at 4:00am and start praying for the day because you literally have no idea what is coming or how it will turn out. In the old days of manifestation we created from a point of knowing, but nowadays with all the dimensional rift and multiple interferences one cannot create in the graphics of the past. There are new rules and new schematics that we must master. Most of us are hardwired to the bone, nothing virtual about us, we are flesh and bone and very, very human. Most of us that hold a vast light that never wavers were raised in the ‘era of empaths’. We feel so deeply, we cannot listen to the news or see another suffer or watch abandoned puppy commercials. We feel every drop of life and we often do what we can, not to feel, not to ride another’s hurt to far into the heart.

We buffer ourselves from all the chaos and confusion and end up walking around like a zombie on a good hair day. we are on automatic pilot not knowing our flight plan, because life seems to take us where it wants, with or without our permission. What happened to free will you shout as life pushes you in the car telling you to do this or do that and to heck with the ice and snow. Life is getting down right pushy as she directs the traffic of our life. We seem singled out like a redheaded kid in school.

We are still looking for the proof but seldom see any pudding, mostly low-fat yogurt. The demands of life and family and the universe is a full-time job with vanilla benefits that blend into a bland background.

The energies of an untimely and reluctant spring come like a surprising push on a carousel. A great protest stirs the soul as the tides begin to turn in the opposite direction whipping up some old protests. Feelings deep and hidden come to the surface as the energy field responds to unseen stimulus. All chakras are wide open. Ancient angers ride the surf like a professional on a giant wave. Anxiety springs forth from a dried up well. What lurks right outside our marginal vision? Changes take place quickly lined up like dominos. Who has the strings of our life and what plays us? Time unrolls itself to be seen fully belly exposed.

As the memory of what was, seems to drift like a dream in the morning, we continue to move quickly down the corridor of time. We are being ushered into time doors that swing both ways. Down hallways that never end into a place that has not yet been created. All of us have seen and felt the difference and the trail of commotion it leaves behind. Time is like a wild horse that bucks the 24 hr system and continues to look for a way out of the dimensional corral.

We all run like hamsters in a clear ball bumping into walls paddling our little feet as fast as we can. Not getting anywhere and exhausted by all the energy it took just to get this far. Time brushes past us like a gust of wind, not asking our permission to do anything. Life pushes us harder into a corner of limited choices or so it seems, but it is us that has painted ourselves into that corner by our limited thinking. We can just as easily paint a way out if we choose.


GAF 23rd February 2016 8:18 pm

"What happened to free will you shout as life pushes you... "

spiritdiver 23rd February 2016 8:48 pm


LoL! Every single line was potetic-justice. .. You really are in rare form. And, being IN RARE FORM, i feel is the very essance and beauty of our message to embrace the seed (we are living in NOW) a nut shell. Thank you once again for so delightfully and eloquently encapsulating this.

No less than, go with the flow will do. Soul gets what soul wants. Divine I AM the able captain steering the boat. Ego is, but now at best, a supporting deck hand.

Bon Yoyage All!!

Deeni 24th February 2016 10:16 am

Thank You, Gillian.

I thoroughly enjoyed this message, and resonated big time!

These are truly wild times, and all I have to say is "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

Much Love, Light and Inner Peace to All : )


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