Collective Karma Clearing & Walking on the Dark Side of Self

Collective Karma Clearing

Whoa Nellie!! This is a hold on for dear life kind of month. It's like walking into the greener pastures of life and mounting the first horse you see, right see riding it without constraints into the eye of the hurricane. Even Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane with both quiver at that thought. Like the friendly Neighborhood Watch what was, what could have been, and what could be comes knocking at your very human door. Like an old wagon train movie we are asked to encircle our unhealed karma as we enfold within ourselves.

What was surrounds us fast, coming out of the wild blue yonder, sending arrows into our heart and memory piercing what was so concealed within. Allowing what has cemented in our soul to drain of its darkness and to heal through the light of a new day and a new choice. We are in a intersection of swirling time healing karma. What comes knocking on our back door is our own image. time and all of her faces fold as we all are invited to galactic high tea.

You sit in convergence with all your little selves each one representing a part of you that needs to be healed. Without fear it is time to attend your personal karmic Broadway show, seeing all aspects, playing all parts, looking straight into the eye of what still hurts through time. Trying to Clear what comes to mind and heart through every karmic direction you feel vulnerable as the human senses are overwhelmed. Prayers are sent via messenger to the holy realms but the cavalry does not seem to be coming. Alas, it is time for you to stand up to what is in your face, to confront all that is asking for your love forgiveness and healing thoughts.

Walking on the Dark Side of Self

As we all step fully into this summer vortex the darkside greets us at the gates of change. We enter these powerful days of light that shine a great cosmic luminosity sending solar joules into our body mind and spirit. As the light increases on this planet of duality and polarity the darkness also joins the party without an invite, doing its best to interfere casting a shadow in the Long afternoon light. It comes right up and knocks on our door trying to push into our lives, like a big grizzly trying to wake up every hair of fear and darkness on your human head.

The thought of Jesus in the desert battling with his own darkness comes to mind, but I would say after a few rounds with the darkness in that heat and turning several cheeks, he too was ready to kick ass and take names, as well, remember he was a redhead. The darkness that tries to penetrate our light is like a snake in the grass that enters without anyone knowing, waiting for the perfect moment of weakness to strike knocking one off balance like a small boat in the wake of an ocean liner. It challenges everything we are and everything we believe. The darkness brings out your very worst side showing its underbelly and what lies beneath, as your cosmic hackles take a stance. Even the holiest of God's angels will not put up with a frontal attack on what is light hence the flaming swords. This summer as your Light and life increase with goodness and heart, do not answer the door to the boogey man that comes knocking, (via email, text or unfriending) asking you to be afraid of life, love, earth and everything you hold dear. We have gone thru to much to bow down to any fallen light form, Stand up tall to all that is dark and cast your own beautiful light upon anything that wishes you harm or distress.