Coming Full Circle

I come forth on this day of alignment as a beam of Light.  I have not a name, not a sound – only a love.  I stand behind and beside many of those on earth.  I announce not my position in the heavens for positioning is only a placement for those of Earth that need to see at what level they are.  I am on all levels for you and you alone.  Lift up your head and your eyes to a new day as it is birthed.  You are love, as you are loved.

For many years now, you have reached outside of yourselves for truth, wisdom, miracles and just plain old prove.  You have lit candles, said ‘Hail Mary’s’ prayed to statues, icons, and literally lost yourselves in the deluge of all that was ‘supposed to be’ greater, holier and more divine.  You have called on the Angels, the Masters, the Saints, spirit guides, and your beloved departed ones, asking for help, for intervention, for miracles.  

As you get closer to the end of 2011 the lines of communication lessen and grow fragmented.  you continue to go outside of yourselves to something ‘greater than’.  something bigger, better, and all knowing.  The letters, emails, phone calls, from these ‘greater than’ energies continued to dwindle.  You made excuses as to why God did not answer your prayers or emails. You convinced yourselves that your third eye was clogged, your heart was closed, and your crown chakra was not in working order.  you thought it was you that was broken. You tried elixirs, oils, crystals, meditation, readings, and every other tool that was available.  Still you could not hear the word of the Lord.  You spent $1000’s, and 100’s of hours trying on every gimmick there was, trying to fix what you thought was broken.

You looked at others green-eyed, as they seemed profound and all knowing. You took the right herbs and vitamins, wore the healing color of the day and still be could not achieve peak performance. Then one day everyone just stopped.  They stopped praying, they stopped meditating. They stopped trying to manifest their hearts desires.

When they stopped trying so hard their lives began to change, little by little.  They began to feel more comfortable in their skin.  they began to like themselves again.  God did not seem so far away.  Life was not as difficult, what had changed?  They had finally come full circle and embraced the wholeness of their being; the good, the bad, and the unknown.  In that action a great power was released that allowed everyone to come to a point of knowing without trying to make themselves holier. In that moment they realized they were cut from the very Fabric of God. They had finally learned how to let go and love internally and completely.


K.K. 6th December 2011 7:53 am

WOW!!! How lovely! Thank you!


Ladybugs_leaf 6th December 2011 9:42 am


staceycross 6th December 2011 4:11 pm

How beautifully simple and completely true. In letting it all go we finally fly free. Wow. Thank you