Coming UnDone at the Seems

When the universe creates from a point of perfection it honors itself first. The Universe creates from a place of fullness, not emptiness. The sun in order to do its job must shine fully for self, then and only then can it shine for others. In this time of shifting energies and time come undone, ask yourself Is taking care of others an excuse for not taking care of ones self? Is it an excuse for not doing the things one is destined to do. These are the questions we all must ask ourselves as the exterior world tries to suck us away from what we see as our path of purpose. Do we kick and scream to hold onto self? Do we get angry when others try to take our time our peace our quiet?

We are continually distracted from what our perfect inner intentions are. We start each day knowing what we are to accomplish but by the end of the day that list is full. Demands are so thick you could cook them on a grill.... Are we here for them or us?? Why are we so busy helping others accomplish their dreams their peace their security when we cannot even find our own. Why are we being magnetized in to something that we would normally not enter into?

Guilt packs us a bag we as we hold tight to our drowning lives. As one who sees from a higher point of view you stand mystified at the top of the mountain of self. Looking out over hill and dale, thru the valley of you. We appear to be living several lives at once observing all of them with a grin and grimace. We want to help and be helpful walking others through their dreams with great rescue efforts on our part. We grow tired, as the energies of others, dramas grow thicker wrapping them selves around and around.

Days have grown shorter there is not even enough time to accomplish the bare necessities. You run in circles trying to fill the orders of your life not seeing anything accomplished fully. Coming undone seems to be an olympic sport. Nature strikes a pose as she opens the door for the incredible to become believable.


anje 26th February 2013 11:23 am

So well put! All these things we just 'have' to be....may we soon be able to be just who we want to be, all day long.

k 26th February 2013 5:46 pm

When you realize you are in Hades, Duat, Hell the underworld of illusions and just look at the symbolism...there are no others. This is hard to accept...that you are alone in the illusion, you are trying to find your way out of Hades, out of Pluto's cave. Then you understand that the real world, is what you can not sense, the veil of darkness keeps the truth of what is real from you. The veil of darkness brings to you visions of suffering and hate to defeat you, and uses deception to try to keep you in bondage of the flesh.
So yes, we do come undone at the seems, but only by listening to the intuitive mind and letting go of the logical mind are we able to know the truth. The time for my deliverance from hell is close. My steps are more steady toward the light as I know it really is there and the darkness along my path is only an illusion. :)

K.K. 27th February 2013 5:52 pm

Thank you SO much for this Gillian....I found myself coming to this realization the past week or so - "not doing the things one is destined to" because I'm so focused on everyone else. I choose to completely UNPLUG from everyone else and finally step into ME, my BEING.

YAHOOIE...thank you for the validation!