Cosmic Cataracts

When we were in spirit all of our choices seemed so easy, so effortless. We knew we would make the highest choice with no problem – we knew that every choice had a divine counterpart. When we came into this solid aspect of earthen divinity, we all forgot we got 3-D planetary amnesia. We became holographiclly challenged, limited, and fearful. We took baby steps, not the giant steps we had promised the Creator.

On the bus to Earth, the driver spoke of ice cream, chocolate, sex, and all the tangible tasty goodies we would experience. The driver told us ‘you will forget from where you have just come, you will forget how to just be, you will get tangled up in the earthen web of forgetfulness and you will feel abandoned, hopeless and alone’. He then said with a smile, ‘there will come a day when all of Heaven will sing with a great joy as you remember once again who you are and why you are on Earth’.

We were all so excited about coming to Earth, feeling emotions, feeling love, kissing and tasting all that Earth had to offer we did not hear the driver with our hearts, we did not listen. Therefore, we all got off the beautiful yellow bus and came into this world screaming and kicking naked and vulnerable. Some of us stayed, for the duration some said heck no and went back home right away.

we could still remember pretty good until we were about five or six years old. We could still see our angels and guardian, they were our invisible friends and we played with them and talked with them and made mom set a place for them at the dinner table. Very soon cosmic cataracts began to form. Daily life demanded more and more from us slowing down our memory showing us the so-called limitations of this planet. Our heart grew sadder as we began to forget who we were and our promise to earth and the creator.

Those of us that volunteered to come to earth were the masters, the light ones. the ones who volunteered to usher Earth into the next step of her journey toward stardom. Some of us held tightly to the little remembrances, the little pieces of Heaven that still lived in our heart. Our visions were so strong and such a priceless treasure no one could take them from us. We held them silently knowing that one day they would be birthed in fullness.

We were coached and taught by nature and Mother Earth her self. We talked to the animals; they listened and heard our cry. The flowers knew our very thoughts, the wind held us like a loving mother. The stars would send down reminders of who we were as they fell from the heavens for our eyes only. We knew to wish upon them with all of our heart and soul. The other children of Earth knew that we were different. They hurt us with their words and their sticks and their stones pushing us further into ourselves, pushing us further away from the real reason we incarnated. People of earth did not seem to want us here and made no qualms about letting us know. We would lock ourselves in the bathroom and look deep into the mirror looking beyond the flesh into our soul eyes asking the reflection that stood in front of us ‘who are you and where am I ?’

the body seemed as a burden and not as a temple and a sacred place of light. Many of us felt like a stranger in a strange land – we just wanted to go home. We didn’t want to play this game of being human any more – it hurt to be human. It hurt to feel all the sadness and all the pain of everything and everyone around you. We all had been born as empaths - we felt to the very core of our being. Our parents and our peers just saw it as moodiness and thought we would outgrow it but we never did. So we went deeper and deeper into ourselves, hiding from our feelings, hiding from our humanness and hiding from what made us special.

For years we did everything we could to forget – we just wanted to forget that we were different. No matter how we tried to drown the light within us the flame never died. In fact the older we got, the more our light shone through all cloaking devices. We couldn’t hide from who we were any longer. We were beginning to remember again. We were remembering that we had a very important mission, a promise and an assignment to do. Over and over and over again we heard these words echo in our head and heart – Just love, just love these people. Show them love. Remember to love. Once in a while we would venture out in the real world. We would try so hard to show others what was truth, what was light, what was love as we knew it, as we remembered it. Our words and actions would fall upon deaf ears and a blind heart. They were not ready to hear truth – to see light – to embrace love. And they let us know it very loud and very clear.

Along our way the Universe would send signs in the form of angels and beautiful visions to ease the pain of humanness. As we got older our gifts began to amplify. No matter how hard we worked to push them away they would break through the crystalline stage of dormancy and demand more and more from us pushing us closer to the light.

The visions would tell us that we were not alone on earth, the visions would tell us about truths that would be unveiled and revealed. The visions would speak of a time that we would be the light leaders and lead the people of earth back to first light. A time when every face we look at would reflect the light that lived in their hearts. A time when our heart would become a catalyst and ignite the dormant spotlight in everyone we met.

We held tightly to these visions knowing they were true. They were given to us to nurture, to love and hold us, until it was time for them to be birthed in the now. In that time of waiting we reunited with our own divinity, we cultivated our own light and we learned how to love this human body. Day by day we get a glimpse of what is to come. We sit anxiously awaiting the promises of a loving Creator. We know now that none of our journey was in vain because it was all part of the sentence of light. We were the nouns, the pronouns, the verbs and the adjectives. We know now that we really never forgot, that all was an illusion. We know now that light lives in every molecule of existence always.


Edi 17th March 2008 6:00 pm

Dearest Gillian,

What divine poetry.

Thank you with all my heart.

With love and blessings,

goddess 17th March 2008 9:42 pm

This is perfect. It is my story...



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