Dollar$ and $en$e

The energy of the word money and the vibration of the groupings of words ‘the united states of America’ are a nine vibration. The destiny of nine is to turn the darkness into light. To stand aligned with that which is honorable and battle for integrity. Somehow both the energy of money and the USA have gotten off track.

Since the vibrations of the word money and USA is one in the same they will always be walking hand and hand down memory lane. Feasting on regrets and supping on ‘the what if’s." Within these musings is a holy trinity of energy three time three, we see that we are destined to learn much about the vibration of money while we are hear on earth. the original doctrine of early America was,

for the people; by the people; The Founders of the original words of declaration of Independence and the constitution were aligned with the ancient teachings of the Masonic Order. They were, in the know, of ancient truths and secrets and instructs. Their bloodline came from that school of thought birthed from father to son. The USA was built on an honorable foundation with cornerstones that were laid down especially for the future of mankind. The original doctrines were solid and would not wear with the weather of human affairs.

It is at this point of reference we should place our dollars and sense. Money holds the same consciousness as the USA and its political temperature. Stop nursing your financial fever and ‘get it well’ once and for all. Think about how many people touch each and every dollar. Millions of people touch, hold, and spend every dollar that passes their way. Their consciousness goes into the actual element of the money thru touch and thought.  When you get any money hold it for a minute and pace the vibration of love into it (another #9) and shift the frequency once and for all. Let it go back out into the populace and radiate love within each financial interaction.

Money has shifted in accordance with our once solid belief system as presented to us from outside sources that wish to take our faith and hope of a shiny future away. Every financial fear  weakens our immune systems and strips away our joy. Our beliefs like our pockets have turned inside out and upside down into the "land of not enough'. Not enough Money, not enough gas, and not enough Hope for a shiny future.

All of these factors have laid beneath the surface for many years festering until now. These events that shatter our dreams have always existed in many forms through out time. Turmoil and 'not enough' has been a consistent pattern for mankind. the upside-down ness of money and big industry have been as a Nile crocodile always lurking beneath the surface waiting to leap. We that hold the Light are programmed in our DNA to believe deeper than any pocketbook.  The economy is not our source and never shall be.  Our source lies far beyond any decision made by any human.

The quantum consciousness of money responds to our every thought of lack. The deep seeded fear of 'not enough' only needs a single second in the land of lack to begin to sprout. Taking us financially under as we are caught in the panic of a manmade rip tide.  As soon as you feel that sense of dread enter you, immediately cancel that dark thought and replace it with a golden thought of golden energies. Life mirrors our inner  fears amplifying and magnifying them into giants.

The secret to receiving the everlasting great wealth the universe has to offer, is to 'give when you do not have anything to give'. It is at this point of emptiness you will then become full.  To believe when there is no proof of the desired outcome except for a deep knowing in your heart. The Light has no beginning and no end, and thus your supply of Light in all its myriads of forms (including money) is ever-lasting. Earth is like a big day care center, you can play with all the toys but you can not take them home. WE OWN NOTHING. So let go of the need for ownership and allow the wealth of the Universe to flow thru you. You are a Conduit of Light.


Rainbow Warrior 15th March 2009 11:56 am

We that hold the Light are programmed in our DNA to believe deeper than any pocketbook. The economy is not our source and never shall be. Our source lies far beyond any decision made by any human. This could never be more truer than the words you have spoken. Thank you for helping me to understand . Many great wishes to come your way.