Eclipse Alley

The eclipses give way to what lies beyond our personal expectations. Possibilities just within reach if we could get but a glimmer of them in our consciousness.  Seeing is such a big part of being human. The universe deems to give without measure if you would but receive without limits.

A leap of faith is asked from the heavenly hosts to prove that you are wiling to step out on the invisible bridge seen only in the corridors of your mind. Like climbing a craggy cliff on a windy winter's day, reach for places beyond where you can see. Venture out into a solid place of believing, before you can see. Eclipses ask you to change the way you look at things and view life from a different perspective.  Each of the 3 eclipses that escort us thru the summer months is different in energy and frequency as well as intensity. Together they form a trinity of light and shadow that dances with each other. This in itself is a reflection of being too human. The December 31 eclipse offers us the chance for completion. Entry and exits all in the same breath.

·  2009 Jul 7: Lunar Eclipse represents a 7 vibration

·  2009 Jul 22: Total Solar Eclipse represents a 74/11 vibration

·  2009 Aug 06: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse represents a 7 vibration

·  2009 Dec 31: Partial Lunar Eclipse represents a 9/9 vibration

July 22, 2009 74/11 GATEWAY Standing at the narrow threshold of transformation heavenly (#7) searches for what is earthy (#4). Time for the Light to get off of its high horse and come on down to earth. Observation is needed to be felt as the Light looks at life and all of its teachings and learning. Enjoy earth and her heavenly Essence without succumbing to any entrapment escapades. Knowing one is of a higher sharper cut and experience life without losing your edge of light. Negativity grows fast on earth, fed by the systemic seeds of doubt that linger in a humans genetic DNA. Hope can become an endangered species if not cared for. If you had one month to light the fires of your life how would you use it?? How are you spending your life light?? Hope needs the fertilization of your believe system to survive the seasons of earth.

August 6, 2009 #7 vibration This is the vibration of the spiritual warrior. One who walks a narrow path within self and soul. Seven works for the light, by the light and with the light. Sevens eat drink think and speak the light. Sevens are not allowed to stray outside the boundaries of light for more than a fleeting thought. Seven is a place where wonder, magic and miracles are seen as natural happenings. Seven is your natural state of being.

Dec. 31, 2009 #99 vibration Cosmic and personal completion, THE END! Entering the next level of love of heart, of soul and service to the planetary evolution through healing self. Free-falling from the height of the nine into the next level of Light. Entry and exits all in the same breath. A quantum leap into unknown gifts comes through the nine. Are you ready to see and be more than you are at this minute of time? Nine is the photo finish on the heavenly line of multiple choices. If you believe you have won, you have