Everything Counts… It Can Be No Other Way

Everything that you do touches another, weaving a strand of time that seeks to be eternally experienced.  There are no actions or interactions that are not in Divine proportion to each other, there is only the vibration of ‘all that is’ that seeks to be entwined with itself. Like a tiny pebble that hits a silent lake, ripples are seen and felt from one end to the other. Everything counts and it can be no other way. When a supernova explodes its energy spreads throughout time and space, layering multi-dimensionally into a place that all can be seen and experienced.

Hearts expand Hearts contract within the very tempo of the creator. Life lives on a pulse and a wave of thought. The Continuum of Life seeks to expand its presence into a place of quickening for all life forms in all places of time and space. All things of creation past present and future give of themselves in totality like placing a drop of rose oil in holy water the entire vessel is changed in measure and aroma. One droplet of any element of divine proportion matters.

Like a spider that stands back from her web of choice every line of creation was essential to create the geometries that will eventually rewrite the original mathematical equation of life. What lives within seeks to come to the surface at the same time what no longer serves us seeks to exit the humanness. In whatever form that may take. All words and actions that are toxic will no longer, and can no longer, be tolerated by the body.

All toxic thoughts and timeworn equations no longer stand true in the new longitudes and latitudes that 2022 brings. All of life can change form and dimensions. It is either a wave or a particle, whether naturally photonic of nature and soul twin of light, matter dances in different directions.  Life is always contracting and expanding, and shifting choosing different experiences.   The thoughts in your life in your mind and in your body are either light of particle, heavy of wave. Each thought has bulk and exact numerical energetic configuration.  Human Thoughts distribute themselves in accordance with the spiritual atomic weight of each thought. Gathering together and adhering like storm clouds on a Florida afternoon.

The dimensional dialog and quantum drag increases in capacity, as many locations of light seek to neutralize the heaviness that the Earth seems to be displaying. Lethargy lengthens the days and shortens the night as it consumes like a rolodex time-storm altering past present and future. This planetary lethargy speaks volumes about the human experience and the shortness of divine sight. The definition of lethargy is being dull, listless, indifferent and lazy; apathetic or sluggish. This energy is birthed when grandmother spider does not care which way she weaves her thoughts, her life, or her heart. Apathy is birthed when she is tired of weaving and seeing no results in her effort. All of Earth looks around with wide eyes All seems to be  at a standstill like an LA freeway at rush hour.