Give From A Well That Is Full

Every day you honor the world with your first breathe, with your prayers, your words, actions, and your intentions in a whole and holy way. You hold the lantern of you up high and yet your personal life is falling apart at the seams. Your energy is scattered. Your physical body is exhausted, and your sleep patterns are disorderly.  Your life has not been swept, cleaned or dusted because you are so busy giving your life force away, and not honoring your own needs.  Giving yourself as a sacrificial lamb, to every cause until you are completely gone and only a memory.

The ancient texts and mystery schools spoke of the energy of giving.  Giving from a well that was full, giving from a spring that was cleansed purified and holy.  When you are full of love, and light– it radiates out touching everything in its path.  In this shining there is a ripple effect, a multiplication of energy, touching everything on earth. When you are personally empty – no matter how many prayers you say, no matter how much light you radiate, speak and pray – it will not reach its desired destination.  You can only truly give and help others when you are full.   

When you are continually focusing outward and not honoring yourself first, you do all life an injustice.  By not loving yourself enough, and giving only to external demands of you, you cause an imbalance in all of creation.  That imbalance starts and ends with each one of you. You assisted no one and nothing, by not filling yourself up first. The good thoughts, light, prayers, and healing that you sent just ran off, it did not meet its mark.  It ended up in the lost email department of life, because it did not have enough gas to get to its intended destination! You did not fill your gas tank first, so you are running on empty trying to put out fires with an empty water truck, your prayers, get minus-zero results!

You are spending too much time and energy–missing your mark, you are weakened of direction. On the seventh day of Creation God rested filling up again, getting ready to create even more.  God honors himself/herself first.  Everything that is created is created from a point of fullness; everything that is given is given from a point of fullness or not given at all.