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Everything is changing and upgrading. Life is getting messy and pushy and demanding.  It is demanding that you pay attention, that you listen. Like an old nanny, the universe is pulling your ear and tweaking your elbow to get your attention.  It is demanding that you listen with your heart and not your hard head. The brain that has kept things secret is now is ready to speak its peace.

It is ready to tell you about yourself. Who are you really? Why are you really? You are so afraid to look at yourself. You busy yourself in relationships, in cleaning, with worry and menial chores. When you finally do stop, you switch off and sleep. You are running from the inside out. 

Everything in your world jumps up in front of you and says, “Look at me! I am a part of the hologram (aka life) you are not dealing with.” To you -- imperfections, frailties, and failures are negative. One look and you turn your pretty head and walk away. To the universe, they are a place of opportunity. They are gifts that demand to be unwrapped. 

Life is constantly giving to you. There is a balance of give and receive, that must be met. Giving to you the miracles that you need to keep you afloat during the low tides. Those much needed magical thumbs-up message in the form of a rainbow, a little blue bird, or a beautiful rose. Something that is for your eyes only is your gift. When the magic of the moment is spoken aloud, it disappears like fog in the morning sun. How do you take the elements of magic and miracles and show/ tell them to another? The Earth is happy to share her secrets, supporting you in all of your shifts.

It is time to stop running from your humanness. The hamster gets nowhere in a self-imposed enclosure. The limitations are always self-imposed.  You were taught that being a good person was doing for others and it was selfish to do for self. You were taught to love thy neighbors as thyself, but do you love yourself?  Is that the way you love your neighbors? Do you love them to the best of your ability or only love them as much as you love self which is little or none? 

You come into a time of loving self, learning to love being human. Love when you have a headache knowing that you are responding to your body is giving you a message a signal. Could be that you have eaten something that is not in agreement with you, or that someone is using your psychic phone line.    

Everything in your body speaks to you. Everything in your world speaks to you. Reflecting back what you need. Respond to that call. It is an SOS. You walk the talk, or so it seems for everyone and everything except you. Do not give up on who you are. Do not think there is something wrong with you. You cannot toss away who you are and become something else. You are what you are.  

Honoring who you are and being who you are in truth will ease the transition. It is when you go against the grain of self that situations become immoveable like mountains. Many of you just try too hard. You are trying to BE. You should not have to try to BE. It should be an easy thing to do. It should not be something that causes blockages in your energy field. Do not strain so hard to BE. Just relax into it. It is what you do naturally; it is what you do the best, JUST BE.  

We are asking you not to try so hard to be and at the same time not to give up trying. It is as a river meeting an ocean. As they meet, the waters churn but eventually all is calm. Do not try so hard, but do not give up either.  It is the point where the river meets the ocean inside of you where creation is birthed, and the new is given freedom of flight. Humans have fought with being their true selves for too long. Now it is time to relax into whom you really are, how you really look, how you really smell, and how you really feel.   

We ask you to go into the center of the wave. See it above you. See it below you, and then ride it. Do not give up on what you know in your heart is right for you. Even though you do not see it manifesting, see it as you are watching a movie and you are the star. You are the visionaries, you are the prophecies, and you are the future. You walk ahead of the pack. Do not give up because others do not understand you. You are beautiful, beautiful beings. It is time that you see that.  


gabriele 14th October 2013 4:42 am

Thanks Gillian, everything you write has been on my mind this morning and your writing speaks to my heart.I have been trying too hard lately and felt like not trying at all. Yes, a good reminder..

Nkatha 14th October 2013 8:56 am

Thank you so much for this has resonated deeply with me...i often feel that many people dont understand me though i know and feel the prescence of powerful divine guardianship..i havent found a community here where i live...though i know to i have what it takes to be this time and space....i feel urgently the call to heal the earth and water bodies on the planet and then i feel so good and connected to mother earth...i guess my humanness needed some love today and you did this for me bless you

See 14th October 2013 1:54 pm

Thank you for this! I did my God writing and much of this was confirmed;-)

Many blessings,

Connie 51 14th October 2013 2:53 pm

Dear Gillian, this message hit home in a huge way for me too. I've been asking very specific deep questions. This really answered some of my questions. Thank you so very much.

Deeni 14th October 2013 6:51 pm

Thank You yet again, Gillian.

Divinely timed, Thank You.

I have been having trouble getting out of the 'garden eating worms'.

It seems just when I go down the road of self love and self respect, and just start feeling good within, then something happens that derails me.

I don't know how much more I can process before my grip fails.

Much Love and Light to All. : ))


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