It Is Not Fate versus Freewill, It Is Fate and Freewill

As spring pushes her way into every pore of our being, we feel the need to birth another level of our own being from the inside out.  Making life uncomfortable and tempers flair. All of earth mirrors this urge to move forward out of the long winter of waiting into a place that can only be seen by the beholder. We unfurl our closed wings and step out of the black hole into the future.

We look at ourselves seeing a newness that has not made its way to the surface as of yet. We feel compelled and driven to move out of our winter blues searching blindly for those rose tinted glasses we once wore. We are seasoned like a good wine that seeks a crystal goblet to fill. Every day life gives us another morsel to digest, an appetizer that keeps us from our intended destination. Regrets and guilt trips pile up like laundry, as we cling to what was and what could have been. We mourn for easier times and reflect upon what once was. We did not have it so bad after all, of course hindsight is 20/20.

The element of time itself has quickened like a speedway driver we go around and around never seeing the exit of our maze.  People are angry with themselves, the world, their choices and life in general. Earth herself heaves with fault lines as she points fingers at her very human stewards.  Everything comes to the surface just in time to be fed by the solar emanations and gamma bursts from deep space. 

We are all changed; we are all becoming the galactic human.  Many will want to leave the earth and not stay for the curtain call. Those of us that signed on for the duration do our best to inform those that still sleep, but it seems they have all pushed the mute button and do not hear or adhere to any information that will allow them to move thru these energetic minefields.

This energy is not about doomsday it is about a promise we made long before we came to earth. Within us lives a single rose, around it lives many weeds, do we focus on the rose or waste our time pulling up the weeds forgetting all about the sweet scent of the rose? 

More and more situations will unexpectedly rise like a full moon that faces the early sun. More and more interruptions of our safety and peace will be taking us off the path we are so destined to walk. Everyday something will try to steal our light and our joy. Everyday we will stray from the course of light that we set sail upon. Everyday we will ask for forgiveness, we ask to become a better person on our way home to our divinity.  

When God created humans, he stretched creation, pushing himself to be more light, allowing himself growing room, to love more and to become more. The Universe sees the whole picture and stays the course without liability.

We the mere mortals have a much tougher job of it.  As soon as we see the future, we change it. Every time we look at the future, even for just for a fleeting second, we change it. The future changed because it was seen. As seers, we are all destined to shift the outcome everyday. It is not fate versus freewill, it is fate and freewill. A vision is just a snap shot of a possible future.

The energies coming from deep space via the portal of our sun are photonic of nature. Solar winds (The outward flow of solar particles and magnetic fields from the Sun) blow us hither and yon as the solar limbs reach out and touch us. The geomagnetic field of the earth shifts as geomagnetic time is accelerated. A light bridge is formed as the solar noise storms increase in strength. (A transient enhancement of solar radio emission, consisting of elevated background emissions.  These storms may last hours or days.) The energies around earth  look as if specters drive the wheel of the universe,  taking a plasma pause every now and then. The sun is crowned with polar plumes as a proton event of unexpected proportion enters the field of earth. Solar constant is reached

As the solar winds raise the hairs on mankind, two-ribbon flares (A flare that has developed as a pair of bright strands (ribbons) on both sides of the solar magnetic field) are tied around the old Akashic oak tree.

Event horizons schedule themselves without asking permission (an event horizon is a boundary in spacetime most often an area surrounding a blackhole) rearranging the hologram of earth into a place that will assist with the solar creational flux that is inflencing all of mankind. The playing field of earth will be changed forever. A "field" is a matrix, a region of influence, that connects two or more points in space or time. In other words, a field is held together by something capable of manifesting a noticeable change.

The Akashic field is presumed to exist in physical reality even though it cannot be observed directly. The Akashic field is like the universe's super computer system.  It is a system that acts as the central storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth. The Akashic Records contain every deed, word, feeling, thought, and intent that has ever occurred at any time in the history of the world.  These records connect each one of us to one another. They mold and shape human consciousness. They are a portion of Divine Mind. They embody an ever-changing fluid array of possible futures from the data that has already been accumulated.

Akasha is a light carrying "ether," It is the medium that carries the "zero-point field.” The zero-point field is a "unified vacuum, an "energy sea." this vacuum transports light, and sound and generates the holographic field that is the memory of the universe.  The Akashic Field holds everything that we are. Our energy is never destroyed, Nor is any possible future destroyed.

Our lives have become very complex, causing the Akashic Field to reach a critical mass. We are continuously storing information in the Akashic Field, as we are not able to hold and process all the incoming energy and information and shifts we are destined to experience. 

The Akashic field is like a "vibratory cocoon, which turns at a speed seven times that of light. This cocoon acts as a blotter, absorbing and remembering every event. The Akashic Field stores every single thought and response we have regarding all life situations in all lifetimes. They are like the DNA of the universe, they are the soul's journey thru time.

As we enter these emancipated solar vibrations as a planet, we have access to this field of inquiry. Quantum Entanglement will become a way of life.  Slipping in and out of time and memory. All episodes of solar activity influence time and how we perceive it. The past present and future meet for a spot of tea. There is no getting away from the great Cosmic OZ that knows all and sees all.


angelika 25th April 2013 9:14 am

Hi Gillian,
thank you for your article, I feel sometimes as though I'm in the middle of a storm, not quite knowing which way to turn.
Love your phrase:


The past, present and future meet for a spot of tea.

, it made me smile. Something else we need to learn to manoeuvre through.