Mother Earth Speaks "Its Time To Listen To Your Mother"

You enter my womb as I enter yours. You enter my heart as I enter yours. You walk within the sacred sound, your soul upon my body as I sing in the very cells of your being. You open up portals within me as I open up and transcend portals within you. Each level of your being comes into sensories and awareness' that have not been seen or felt or experienced.

You each represent a part of my personality, a part of my flesh, a part of my heart. From beyond time you have worshipped me, you have wept upon me, you have knelt in prayer upon me. From beyond space you have come and incarnated into the Stars in flesh.

Awaken the Stargate of your own heart. Stop waiting for that perfect day, the perfect mate, that perfect understanding. Do not squander your dreams, your heart, your feelings, and your message. Do not hold onto what inherently screams inside of you, but sing it from the treetops and the mountaintops, and from the very rooms of your soul.

 Don’t hold tight as you have in the past the secrets, the messages, the truths for it is now time to partake of all that you have known. Sup upon it and prepare a banquet, a wedding feast as you commit parts of your own soul into marital bliss beyond your human understanding, of heaven and earth.

For the light escorts itself into more light and the heart escorts itself into more heart. I the mother dance within each cell of your body and create a convergence. In that convergence I will triangulate and create a threshold, a gate for you to remember. Let my voice enter your heart, as you speak my truth, setting it free from the very stones of earth into the air, setting it free as it has been held hostage in your lungs, and in your memory.

A great release has happened, as many have been set free from the earthly bonds of the flesh. I have held back for so long trying hard to make my children listen to how their actions sound and penetrate the heavens. The fighting the upheaval the anger wells and wears upon my body, until I contract in pain and great planetary upheavals are birthed.

As a living being I feel your sadness but you have waited too long to feel me. You fight for the very fluids that run thru my body holding them hostage from one another when all I have is for all of my children. As this fighting continues on all levels I will continue to let you feel my anger as a mother that wants what is good for her children. I will continue to let you feel my present when you think all is perfect in your life. I will continue to push you into understanding the after affects of wastefulness and selfishness as any good mother would do. Listen to me so I do not have to scream any louder above the voice of the masses that plays too loud in my ears.

What I do I do because I love you. You spend what you have in abundance on obsolete features of life when those at a different longitude have no roof over their head and cannot feed their children. You may be all from different fathers and different universes but you are all my children and I intend to make this clear. I am all levels of SHE. Blessings Mother Earth.