My Christmas Wish For You

My Christmas wish for you is that you’ll allow yourself the gift of being too human, too vulnerable and too soft of heart. Being born on Earth is a big deal and not something to be taken lightly. You are 99.9% Light at all times, in all incarnations in all forms. Light is your original form. Humanness is a luxury, an adventure for those brave enough to try it on. If you could only truly grasp the fullness of this cinematic picture called life you would delight in its gardens and bounty. Here sits the secret of the universe in full bloom. Herein sits time in all of her sequences and sections.

The great puzzle within seeks to see the picture on the box, if only to make construction of the ideals easier. The pieces mix and match like a color blind tourist on holiday. Signs are twisted, roads run out, bridges fall as you try to cross to the other side of this knowing. As the year ends stay at a place of knowing without restraints or constraints. A place of ‘no expectations’ as what is great makes its way to the surface breaking the quiet of the still pond.

Life has been whirling and twirling about, as toy soldiers without a mission. Allow the origami of your soul to unfold in its own time and truth. The year pushes and prods you into stitching yourself so thin you begin to fracture. This time stamp and pace will not let up for it is not just seasonal. It is important that your prioritize your life and do not let the karma and choices of others be served to you. Do you not De-serve the very goodness you give to others?

The word De-serve (to be worthy, fit, or suitable for some reward) asks you not just to serve the needs of others but to allow yourself what is need to complete who you are. You are running on empty in the desert and the fill up station is 100 miles away. Give to the Christ child within you. Let the shining star guide you home to remembering in the fullness of time, what this journey is all about. The gifts of spirit are promised to you in so many ways via so many sacred texts and Holy Scripture. they are the keys that unlock the shackles you wear as humans.

Between 12:12 2012 and 12:21 2012 you will be gifted a cycle of time that will allow you to complete what still holds you hostage in thought and action. Please call upon the Light to assist you in healing the areas that still fester and pain you. Areas of family or regrets or angers or sadnesses. Allow me to help you join in heart and dream those you still long to see. Allow the universe to lift the veil between worlds so you can fully see that, those you love still live on in spirit, deed, and Light. Allow the Light to heal what has transmuted thru time in your family DNA. Ask to see into the heart of another and heal yourself in that reflection.

This is a time of miracles walking the earth. No amount of cajoling is going to get you to the place of believing fully. In This season of Light expect a miracle or two displaying their wings in full panorama. EXPECT your family to be healed and forgiven of all past sins and injustices. Expect your life to run smooth and bountiful. Expect help from every human around you if you so needed it. EXPECT the good to come looking for you; expect to be the favorite child of a loving Universe.

See the time between now and 12/21/2012 as a well lit pathway to a new land in time. Use this gift wisely promoting your own dreams in thought and action. Believe in yourself as you believe in others and watch the Christmas Magic dance thru your life. Let the wishes of your life be granted and stop holding them at bay. Create to your full potential and then stretch that ability a little more every day. You were born to do great things remember that every day and act accordingly.

This New Years Eve 2013 create an ‘I AM TEMPLATE’, an energetic road map into the next 2 years. Command the energies into a direction that serves the better good on all levels of your life. Ask the Light/Angels/God/ to release what still pushes your buttons and pulls your strings. Release the pettiness between you and others, the green-eyed energy that sucks your light. Release the anger that drains you of your strength, just keeping it alive. Release the expectations you have of others, as they ride their own horse of a different color.


Connie 51 24th December 2012 9:39 am

Thank you so very much, Gillian!!! I couldn't ask for a better wish. My Christmas wish is the same for you. Also may you be Blessed this Christmas in ways not even you have thought of. Peace be with you dear now and through the coming New Year.

k 24th December 2012 3:15 pm

Gillian, so much of what you wrote in this message addresses some of my issues. The anger is better, but like cinders, it is easy to flare up again if the flamable materials are added. It is something, I can not seem to get a grip on. In time the cinders will die out. I do not trust humans anymore. For some reason I am only able to attract people who want material things from me. I am tired of opening my heart to people who can not care. I am tired of being drained by psychic vampires who have so much greed, fear, envy and hate. I do not think I have anything left in me to give, I am an empty shell. Deep inside, I think I want to be one of those who leaves this world, there is nothing in it that I desire. My heart maybe has died. I can not bring myself out of solitude. If what I am is reflected in the hearts of those I interact with, then I am not worthy of life. Yes, I think my heart has died.

COBALT 26th December 2012 12:16 am