Prophecy Is Seeing the Future in Our Present Actions…

The biggest part of being human is feeling. It is all the senses wrapped around each other in a perfect DNA spiral. Feeling is what makes us human and vulnerable and yet at the same time holy. We as human try to run and escape the feelings by whatever means is necessary. But like a Wiley coyote they turn around and bit us in the butt. We should have figured it out by now, but we cannot escape emotions and feelings no matter how hard we try. Like a shadow at high noon, they are always in our face and under our skin. Pushing prodding making us irritable Life is demanding like a three year old asking more of us than we think is possible. 

 We create the future of earth with every word we speak in the now.  Our words are alive and always self-fulfilling. Some time it’s better to say nothing than to say anything damaging.  Negative words can often cancel out God’s best laid plans.  Your words are cosmic seeds like pussy willows, flowing thru out the world looking for a place to land. You cancel out the Universe’s best laid plans by your own harmful words and musings.  Death and life are in the power of your words.  Your words are going to give life to exactly what you’re saying.

You’re cursing or blessings your life with every thought and words.  You can use your powerful words to curse your life or you can use your words to bless your life.  Speak words of faith; declare God’s favor in your life and in your heart.  Change the atmosphere of everywhere you go with your words – call in good, call in light, call in love and call in healing.  Don’t talk about problems, talk about solutions.  We are not reporters of our life but we are forecasters of our future.  Call to the invisible as if it were visible.  Call with faith filled words.  Change your world by changing your lyrics.  If we accept chaos as an opportunity for spiritual elevation then the pain will evaporate.  We alone determine the speed at which disorder passes. In and out of time there are countless futures which exist at the same time.  Our own behavior determines which universe we enter.  Prophecy is seeing the future in our present actions.


Peter Fox 24th February 2023 5:44 am

Thank you Gillian and for affirming as Rebecca that WE are the solution to the problem WE created!

N.i.kk.3V3 26th February 2023 6:17 am

I think...

...everything is way simple but we need to forget it... I think that's how we 're made......

A choice arises somewhere ...... I believe