Shearing the Internal Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

The very fabric of time is a quick-change artist that dresses and undresses for each minute of the day. She relieves herself of the past as she impregnates herself with the future. The dress is formal, casual, ancient and culturally sound. You will find that you too, dress, undress and redress the issues within.  You will find that what you thought you were to do, no longer serves who you are becoming. You will find that the dreams that you have woven in your mind and heart ask to be set free as homing pigeons caged far too long. You enter a doorway of ripening, a pathway of fruitfulness. A pathway and pattern of seeding a future that is asking to be germinated.

You will find that what you once housed as patterns of a repeat ask to be set free. Just like an inchworm that works its way across the continental divide, inch by inch, thought by thought, you let go of, what was, what could be, what should be, what would have been. You will find that you shear the internal wolves in sheep’s clothing and that you undress the turkey dinner that you were so prepared to serve yourself and others.

Your addresses will change, and the way you define yourself will change. For you have changed in vibration, in thought, in pattern, and in weather. You are undoing everything that you thought you were to be. You are escorted into that place, by every word and every thought, internal and external. You now stand at the peak and you look back at the trail of tears, the crooked path, the sludge of your being. You stand naked at your apex and are ready to re-design yourself.

Dear Child it is time for you to remember you have been a living star all along. You are a representative of all of the constellations of time and space. You are an Ambassador of Molecules holding all possible life within you. You work for Potential Unlimited. You are the founder of it and you have forgotten. Don’t do anything unless it brings a smile to your face. If you cannot pick blossoms from your dream without a smile, do not do it. If you cannot give to another without a smile, do not give until you do it with love. Give up the obligatory energies that have so strangled you and estranged you from the true essence of your heart and come home into completion.


bluestflame 18th June 2010 7:40 am

thanks for what you do Gillian ( I know you read without posting ) just dipping me hat to you


Robin 19th June 2010 1:21 pm

The trail of tears, the crooked path, the sludge of my being...I am at an apex..about to re-de-sign my self. Do they mean, re-asign? Gillian you seems like a gentle soul, this is meant for your Plaidean/s counterpart/s. They need to step up and quit blowing smoke up everyones etheral backsides. What about Atlantis? What was/is your part in all that/this? I'd like to know. Are You and your associates responsible for allowing this to perpetuate again and again? Isn't that what's going on right now? Another era of perpetual hollow-graphic sado-masachistic-Narcisistic enterprise, game playing, experimental-experimentation? I was just wondering, how is it that your greatness would sit around and observe child abuse, human abuse/exploitation, animal abuse/exploitation, planet abuse/exploitation and every assortment of cruelty imaginable and view it as delightful Enlightenment? How did the first souls come to be IN human-bodies anyway? What about the Sons of Belial? Why let it go on for so long? Metatron/Atlantis. "being trapped in a body..." For anyone interested go read-reread this...