Teachings of Spider Woman

Spider woman has made herself known in every way possible lately, she has probably spent more time in my hair than on her web as I go back and forth to the barn. The summer heat is turned up and so are the teaching of spider woman. She gives to us via complex affixed silk wisdoms. She invites us to remember the ancient teachings of earth before humans came.  She is an in-your-face kind of girl (literally) as you go through your day she can drop out of nowhere to look you eye-to-eye silently speaking truths that need to be addressed. Her webs are about everything from deceit to sacred geometries. Her etchings are timeless and still seen in many a sacred site. She is guardian of sacred teachings and magical words.

Spider woman parachutes through time effortlessly using her very body as a rotor to steer her forward thru time and circumstance. She has a silent sign language, a web of unseen words, a grid of what is to come. The teachings of Spider-Woman are intrinsically linked to the number 8, as above so below, a universal display of infinity.

Spider-Woman flies through the air with the greatest of ease allowing the shifts in mood, wind and temperature to escort her to new unclaimed destinations. She asks you what are you Tangled Up In?  What sticks to you without your permission?  What are you trying to get out of?  Are you living within a Web of Lies, a web of Deceit, a web of what is invisible to others? Like a dreamcatcher a spider web catches that which needs to be caught, the very sacred geometry of the web now embedded within that capture. Spider Woman displays her teachings in a configuration of sacred writings in time, weaving every thought and idea that lives within her into an outer expression of her desire. She does not need to spin a tale she spins a web of teaching, a web of remembrance.