The 11:11 Shadow and Light Dance

The Dove Star Columba spread her holy satin spar wings around November 11 11, 2018. One by one we came together in heart entering a more sacred aspect, a higher aspect and expanded aspect of the human heart. One by one by one we looked into the many reflective mirrors of the Souls around us and saw all the pieces of their heart and soul in completion. Each was a different reflection of light unlike our own. Where we had sparkle they had shadows, where they had light, we had deep healings and  spiral stairways to climb.  How can you compare one Angel’s wingspan to another’s or one rainbow to another? All are magical in Gods eyes, but human eyes do not always see ‘Holy’.

To shun any part of one’s self or that same reflection in another, is to shun what is holy and what was created in love. Each of us is as Bilbo Baggins on his journey through life we hold on to many parts of the old self as a buffer for future encounters, shielding one from heart pain. This 11 11 was a spirited and complicated completion coming full circle into the first 11:11 in 1992. The dark and the light of the universe, the dark and the light of life, and the dark and the light of self, came together paralleling one another in an Instagram of completion. Lining up side by side creating a stellar barcode that commanded undivided attention.

We all know in our heart of hearts that the light is Supreme in all levels and dimensions of existence we all know that the darkness and the polarities are a dance, a shadow dance of balance that exists within all.
Like Peter Pan either shunning or chasing his own shadow. The shadow dance comes to show you the places within yourself that need loved. Looking to the new expanded version of human heart was issued by Divine command on this 11;11, Allows us to see into the Vortex of time as it swirls in front of us like a dancer with many petticoats and layers of possibilities. Like Nations and countries of commanding power the light and the dark stand as two Admiral’s side by side interweaving Association But continuing to complete separate identities which is important as a new code is created. What drives adversaries to merge in unity is yet to be seen!

The darkness in all its designs holds memories of upheavals on this planet, in our solar system, in our Milky Way and other timelines. The light holds pristine possibilities like a precision laser that seeks a target.  It is about making a choice to live or die, to love or to hate, to be or not to be, always there is choice in every humans day.  One stands on the light or in the dark their entire life for it is all about the earth Initiation of balance in power and harmony in purpose. Countenance of soul is predominant as the chess game of Earth inches forward, like a Tennessee wooly warm predicting the winter. Solitude of light is often times necessary to allow one to hone and fine line their Precision.

Expansion of light adheres like one creating a planetary graft.  Use this time of solstice and thankfulness and ‘friends-giving’ wisely, walk down a varied path of Celebration as 2018 comes to an end.  The nectar within your heart and soul is golden and solvent of nature, it is a precious red amber treasure.  Dissension and dissonance within self is reflected in the diagrams of holy-day relationships with others. Everyone is but a reflection of what is good bad and unpleasant about self. Everyone gives us a ‘piece of our peace’ but sometimes that edge is sharp, misleading and prismatic of nature.

This 11:11 asked us to’ live and love it all’, NO exceptions. One to one to one is what the gift of the Dove Star Columba and 11:11 gave to us.  This 11:11 Light issued new decree of Personized Ten Commandments of self and soul while on earth. All the blanks within the New Commandments seek to be filled by your choices. Fill in the blanks of your life carefully!

Mercury retro 11-17-2018
Mercury direct 12-6-2018