The Fear Fields...

Welcome. We are the Pleiadian energies. Truth is what you seek and truth is what will be issued to you, like treats on a holiday.  For many years you have hidden from your true self. You stand behind the door looking through the crack in the universe, being afraid to fully plunge into life, keeping love at a arms length. You incarnated not on earth as a visitor and observer. You do not come to sit on the sidelines, to stand on the corners, or to hide behind doors. You come into this human life to experience all the learning’s it has to offer. Consider yourself an avatar in the game of your creation with the coaches able to run interference in your life whenever they want.   

You are afraid of what your heart and your soul asks you to do next. Life is so full and demanding one more straw would take the scarecrow down.  You get glimmers of what is to come in a moment of hazy silence.  Life is not your jailer. Earth is not a prison; it is a splendid amusement park. You are afraid to ride the rides that will turn your life upside down, so you stay in the shallow end of the park. Most times you are afraid to ingest the sweetness life has to offer. Afraid of what is laying in wait on the other side of good.  You stand still, paralyzed like a deer in the headlights, afraid to move forward, afraid to move backward.

It is time for all of you to hold your arms open wide and embrace what is yet to come. For your days of ore have shortened. You no longer have the gift of time in the package of 24. Time shortens, life quickens, your pulse quickens. You need to get back in the saddle again. As humans you are blinded by your expectations. You wait for the writing on the walls to explain the next step of the journey. However dear ones the next step of the journey is written and decreed by your own motions and emotions. When you deny your emotions, there is no motion in your life. Your car stands still. Your body stands still. Your paychecks stand still. Your very dreams stand still. Open up to explore the New World of you. You have come to the edge of your world. You have come to the edge of your expectations.

Immerse yourself in this next step of your journey. For what abounds is beyond your speculative understanding of time, space and dimensions interlacing. The more that you hold tight to a state of motionlessness, the more your life will scream at you. You are the Apex of Creation the favorite horse in the cosmic race. The entire universe has bet on you. Everything awaits your choices.

Earth is not meant to be hard. Humanness is a heavenly point of origin. Life is a gift. Flesh is a gift. Air is a gift. You are a gift. Love what you have created and let it love you. Honor whoever is in your heart, whoever is in your household, and whoever is in your life. The future is up to you. You hold not just the future of your own minimal existence but you hold the future of the entire universe that bets you are a good choice for running the long race. Time waits for no man but Time waits for all of man-kind.

You are being called into a Point of Light that is thrilled about you being there. What we come to say to you, in a rather serious Pleiades tone, is that we need you to be in love. Not just with a person, or a body, or a new car – but with your every experience. We need you to first try liking your life, liking who you share a home with, liking your family.  eventually when you are brave enough to venture down the corridors of love, all those levels of like will reallocate into Love.  

We need you to like yourself, because without liking yourself first, you can never get to the point of loving yourself. You are divinely proportionate with what your experience is. You create the ratio of light to dark. Open up your heart to this next level of your experience. The entire Universe needs you. We are the Pleiadians. Whatever you yearn for – become it. Whatever you wish for – let it be your experience. Stop wishing for it – live it. Allow life to come into you and you to come into life, without regrets, without angers. You are vast beings that we of the stars salute. We hold the stellar porch light on for you as you find your way home. We leave.



KellyRae 27th December 2016 1:38 pm

Resounding YES! It is time, and what a glorious time it is to remember one's self and our agreement to be here. It's likened to preparing for countless hours for a play production and opening night is finally here. Knowing we are beyond ready and prepared for all the work and rehearsals we have put in. It seems this day would never arrive for the preparation and rehearsal becomes tedious and monotonous after awhile, and yet the reality of opening night being RIGHT here causes the ego to wonder if we've prepared enough, rehearsed enough, and the only way we will truly know this is TO DO IT....TO LIVE IT! I am ready.

Thank you for sharing your messages; they seem to always resonate with me.
Much love