The Many Values of Light

As you sit in a place of new angles of life and light, you begin to understand about the vibrations within rays and the different values of light.  The light that comes from true East is different in texture and sound than the light that comes from the other directions.  The true value of light has many faces, as well as prismatic fractals.  Information riding the wave of photons (light particles) originates from various points of the Universe each carrying a different truth.  Face all the directions of your soul in order to know the fullest of this wisdom.

Light enters the eye at a different angle allowing the refraction's and reflections of the past and future to be seen out the corner of the soul.  The eclipses came to announce the memory of standing in the gap, bridging Heaven and Earth A state of Grace can be achieved by those that insist on making a difference.

Many insist on what has been wronged to be righted - no more excuses, no more lies, no more red tape to bandage those with political needs.  The memory of justice awakens from what seems like to be a coma.  She is blind no longer and sheds a new light on many cloaked issues.  Light as a feather of truth one's intentions should be not weighty or burdensome.  Digging deep into anything (thought, memory) gives more than you expect.  Are you ready for truths that will shake your faith in others who may hold your future?

A sacred geometry is formed as the energies begin to strut their stuff. Lines of light open information that has not been needed until now.  There are hidden meanings and messages in everyone's words - listen with your heart and not your humanness.  Like a cosmic scrabble game the ancient letters come undone to be re-written again. 

The old restraints in words and thoughts begin to fall away like rusty shackles on an emancipated servant.  Within all words are hidden truths, within all texts are books of knowledge, within all messages are healings.  Embrace the hidden, the secret, and the unknown within yourself and your true motives. Do not be afraid of the reflection that comes to you in a mirror, in a person, in a dream.  Open up to receive the compete experience of perceiving and knowing.



Rhiannon 19th May 2009 11:22 am

Short, Sweet and FABULOUS!!! Thank-you again, Gillian! I have been receiving more information ~inbetween the lines and inbetween the held breath~ of everyone and thing! I needed this clarifacation; validation! Much graditude!