The Mary Codes

The Mary code lives within the feminine presence of Light while on earth. All that is feminine in purpose and DNA holds such a recollection. At certain periods in the timelines, the Holy Mother’s presence is etched into the hearts of those that have ears to hear and eyes to see and a heart filled with love.  There are deep undertones that sound within her soul. She is the Innocence, the truth, the wisdom and the healing of ‘all that is’ that seeks to know itself. She knows what is to come as a holy woman and prophet. Blessed she was before birth, destined to hold a divine code of greatness that it has never been fully understood.  Within the Mary Code lives a Divine feminine principle that surpasses time and is resilient of purpose and heart.

The child Mary was gifted with Visions in the form of Dreams at an early age, sometimes they were heavenly other times hellish. Other young girls of her township saw her as different in agenda and path. She spent much time in the temples of the old teachings of the goddess, finding nooks and crannies and long forgotten power points to spend her dreamy afternoons. She listened,  silent as a  little church-mouse in her secret niches, absorbing all that was spoken in the temple, as it echoed her soul, she absorbed all like an papyrus ink blotter. She innately knew that one day she would have to call upon the information from the deepest part of her soul.

Young and pure yet ancient of days,  she incarnated in this physical time-plane holding a different vibration of destiny from the very beginning.  She was a giving child so early, giving of her own food and clothing to help others in need. She knew in her heart she was destined for something greater than herself and shared all she had. In her heart of hearts she lived for what was holy and mystical of nature. The Code of Mary houses ancient paradoxes. From a young age she knew her calling did not involve orthodox teachings or understandings. She knew she would birth something big in her future. Her fears were real, her light was enormous, and her future was driven deep into the memory of Earth. Being a Seer of things to come is a great responsibility for anyone at any age.

This young woman was taught in ways of ancient wisdom and hidden truths that were housed within her holy bloodline and ancestral  memory. Her very DNA would glow under a modern day microscope. For her light had to be grand and spacious from the very beginning, for one day she would hold the Light of the Christ child that would forever alter her body, heart and shape her future. Altered in ways that were unknown except to Enoch, She would became a holy Vessel of Living Light that held the future of Earth.

The story of Mary wanders around like a corn maze thru time. The truths the myths the maybes, take each person down a personalized trail of thoughts and beliefs.  Her codes are written within the hearts of those that have a special Light in their hearts. She was destined to be a Child-Mother of a child-God who was destined to shift and change the world and she held this knowledge in every ounce of her being, waiting for it to come to past. The Mary code asks us to find our place of power within. Like a vast light of celestial proportion the Mary Codes allow you to see in divine portion to what lives in your heart and fuels your destiny. The Mary Codes live, a place of living change, fluid in heart and love