The Messiah Code

I first received this information during a transmission session with a powerful goddess, not to be named. It really disturbed my energy field and brought circling memories to an immediate halt like all the street lights going red at the same moment. It triggered me into taking a deeper look into what I thought was truth. I thought that the Messiah energies, the Christed energies, and the Christos energies were all the same but the universe insisted, heck no goddess look closer,  pecking at my mind constantly, showing me grids and layers like inner light blueprint holograms of a tall building.

Layers of Ascension and light overlay each other needing to be interwoven and meshed into a place of  solid receiving. “Christ” is a word of Greek origin, which means “anointed,” “sent” or “chosen.” Messiah is Hebrew for ‘anointed one’. In biblical times, anointing someone with oil was a sign that God was consecrating or setting apart that person for a particular role. Thus, an “anointed one” was someone with a special, God-ordained purpose. In the Old Testament, people were anointed for the positions of prophet, priest, and king. Anointing was an act of hallowing, a symbol of the pouring out of God’s Spirit onto someone. When the New Testament was translated into Greek, the Hebrew word “messiah” was translated as Christós (Romanized Greek).  The word “Christ” was accepted much faster than “messiah.”

The Beings of old that held the Bright light and Holy form easily by-passed earthly knowledge and ignored the laws of even modern day physics. Maybe these Great Ones came from the future, maybe from another timeline, dimension or star system, or maybe all of the above. Real living Light Masters walked the earth and we still hold an alliance with each via our blood. Since that time line long ago, infinitesimal instructions have anchored themselves fully to the human DNA and Time DNA (yes time has a livingness and DNA). Everything on earth is always receiving instructions from atoms and particles that come from deep space. Our sun, meteors, solar emanations and coronal mass ejections all contribute to that cosmic soup. Everything is given to Earth to help her achieve healing and acceleration into a greater light, even during times of upheaval.

The frequency of the Messiah Code asks one to ‘anoint them self’ with the cosmic knowledge, the divine light code within.  Timeless records of light that house time sensitive divine instructions float to the surface of the human cell memory. All aspects of the Creator have ‘a central cell intelligence’, a place to collect for downloading and upgrading overriding old databases.  All times past and future are seen in the panoramic hologram of recorded doings. Humans have made something out of nothing, since the beginning of time. Humanity is wired to be creative and always move forward like the very Creator.  What is human of nature is always looking for an expanded solution to a contracted problem, and so the cycle begins again.

 The Messiah code is timeless in its construction, without boundaries without forms, without constraints of any kind. Like the anointing that it represents it is fluid of Nature, sliding past the laws of time, man, physics and space. As the messiah code is activated in 2019, the ten commandments of self-ask to be re-established once again, as all are asked to rewrite and re-right what has turned upside down in their lives, hearts and the world in general. The ten commandments of self are personal and pure of nature, singular in nature for each souls evolution. When the messiah code is activated how will you rewrite your codes of light, your codes of honor, of valor, what would you give to yourself as commandments and holy declarations? Embrace your divine holiness and anointing; fill the chalice of your soul with new clear light, a brighter love and a refined truth.


Meg 16th January 2019 1:25 pm


Meg 16th January 2019 5:25 pm

"What is human of nature is always looking for an expanded solution to a contracted problem," Wow...that is a GREAT point. Helps in my struggle of finding "solution" ...Thank you.