The WaterLine of Light

You stand at a place where the sand and the waterline meet.  You have not yet ventured into the deeper waters of life and light, nor into the ocean of all that is yet to come.  You but stand on the seashores of yourself, preparing for invisible storms. you are walking into an ocean of pure possibilities – of virginal energies that have never touched the earth before. They come as an unexpected high tide. Day after day, layer after layer, you and mother earth are imbued and embedded with these cleansing energies that are being received by your human body and light. 

Coming into oneness is not a journey for those weak of heart or weak of intent.  It is a journey for those who are brave.  It is a journey for those who can scale the mountains of self, the mountains of emotion, and the mountains of the past.  Using them as stepping stones as the heavenly realms proceed upon earth. 

Have you ever thought about your humanness having a light?  The human body by itself radiates and shows a monitorial light frequency.  The molecules within the flesh have a beautiful light.  You see your humanness as tainted, diseased and dirty – to be discarded as you move into a higher light, the light of ascension Light.   I come to tell you to embrace the light of the flesh of the body of being human! For it is by acknowledging and embracing the human light –that you will be in a place of receiving and not a place of deceiving. 

These new waves of light enter you optically.  They enter the orifices of your body.  They enter through every opening that your body has within it and upon it.  Optically they are received in a linear fashion into the brain, energetically they are received as particles of light that land upon you and are absorbed instantly.  They embed the human body with more components of molecular light than has been previously received. 

Allow your humanness to shine in all its mightiness.  If you were to separate your human body, your light body or your soul, and your mind (brain) – you would see that each is as a different star shining, radiating a different light.  As the planetary lineup is seen in the early morn, it will become as a mirror reflection to you. When all of the planets and stars lineup – the light becomes more brilliant.  The light becomes amplified and magnified. 

That is exactly what happens to you when you allow the light of your human body to align with the light of your soul, and the light of your mind.  Each aspect of the trinity of livingness that you are can then shine as brilliant stars and show their true essence.   Align with the stars within you, with the galaxies that you represent that you remember, that you hold, and that you are becoming.  Each of you holds a different type of alignment, a different octave of frequency, of light.  You are becoming the celestial events.  Remember – as above, so below – as in Heaven, so on Earth.  It is but a mirror image always.  Look to the Heavens for explanations of yourselves. 




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Author Information

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Gillian is a Visionary, a Seer, born with the gift of knowing. She is a clairvoyant psychic with advanced channeling abilities.


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