Thoughts from your Hostess of Light - April 2020

I spend a lot of time inside myself channeling and holding the Light on this mountain. I enjoy the magic of me, the silly humanness of me, and truly love The Light Within Me. It took a long time to really know me but now we’re real good friends. I need a lot of time alone to download the universe, to listen to The Whispers of the crystals and to hear the songs of the Corinthian chimes as the winds speak.

But the hush I hear now is so loud it reverberates past the Milky Way galaxy. It beckons forth all that does not even know it is Holy and needed as sanctuary, as the Silence of Earth pulses in waves, particles and lines of light to all life everywhere in the Cosmos. The sensory of those that do not live on earth awaken as the very hairs on their Stellar Souls reverberate throughout their star system. Heads are turned and whispers are heard throughout the universes. Time it’s very self-stops and pauses and listens to the undertone that comes from earth.

.Those that observe from a different place and time in space see how the beautiful pulsing planet of Earth has quieted, has shifted, it leans like one who is wounded, up against the tree of Life Receiving healing from nature. A small limp is detected within the planets stride, a wobble. It was not too long ago that our scientists looked at Beetlejuice/ Betelgeuse and thought it was going to become a supernova but that event seems to have been cancelled. Now our brothers and sisters on the other side of the universe look toward us as we noticeably refract and reflect completely different vibrations of light. They have received a sound to that pulse that comes from Earth to them it sounds like the voice of a whale calling for its lost calf, to us it also sounds like a wail, a planetary Wail of Tears.

Every shape of tear from every Walk of Life splashes on earth. People, like animals that are caged up too long, begin to change personality’s dispositions and habits. A primal aspect is activated that one normally keeps groomed in everyday Society. That sequence of feral DNA and RNA is what separates man from animal. What would you do to protect family, land and freedom? Like a true Celtic Clansman you would call a gathering? Who and what do you swear an oath to? Such questions will arise in the near future demanding an answer and demanding action. But for now the Hush reverberates within and without, pressing buttons and ringing bells. The universe is in a quandary as to what type of Help to send due to the fact they can see all conflicting truths that tie the ribbon around the old oak tree on earth.