Thoughts from your Hostess of Light - August 2022

Coming full multi-dimensional circle is like riding your personal carousel (merry-go-round) with all your other time self's present and accounted for. This is the place of Gathering all aspects of your light and life, a place where wisdom dwells, a place where hope resides, a place that knowledge sleeps. Within the circular conch of creation live all placements of you. Like Humpty Dumpty and the Straw-Man on their first date, lots of pieces are missing from that relationship. These missing pieces fly through time and space holding tightly to each other like a Hay-devil on a windy farm day.

Imagine the universe giving you a surprise party on your next cosmic birthday inviting to the party every part and role that you ever played through time space and circumstance. This is a ‘A come as you Were’ party so to speak. Coming together to blow out a million timeless candles, after making a wish on them; Coming together to break bread and sup upon the past in all of its many flavors. This is what the summer of 2022 will bring you.

Imagine yourself under the stars of the past, drinking Templar wine and partaking of Rennes-le-Château cheese, rounded out with a baguette made with holy water from a Paris church arcade. Imagine the love and power and strength you felt from that lifetime entering your-Self of the now Imbuing it with the same qualities within your current spirit and heart.

Allow all aspects of you to meet and mingle at this cosmic cocktail party, showing their shiny side and all that en-tales. It's time to look like you are on the inside... all sparkling light and magic. Ask that the many lights of you shine thru all circumstances and reality like an ancient lighthouse that never gives up.

Allow this deep karmic healing to occur within all ranks of self and soul. Actively ‘Become your Best Light’ then go out and find clothes that make you feel and look like you are wearing magic. You are an Ambassador of Light an Emissary of Love it is time to re-enact that promise and walk in that beautiful space of light. Allow your beautiful multi-dimensional light to shine thru everything that lives in your heart.