Thoughts from your Hostess of Light December 2014

As we step closer to the winter solstice in energy and light we come to a place of silence as the light and dark interchange. The shortest day of the year brings a need for reflection and pondering. A deep silence will prevail as all go within for council and truth. Like a snowflake that falls in a forest the quiet reflection will allow an opening in the high heart. A moment of no greed, no seasonal pressure, no family demands. Just the breathe of a single snowflake falling softly. Just be. Just be with yourself in comfort and joy.

As we all go into our hearts and check our personal naught and nice list, we come to a point of understanding deep in the heart.  We as humans have so many needs, on so many levels. Most of them people do not even expect to be filled, no matter how good they have been.

The universe asks us to tune in to what is already in our energy field and already available. Most times we are able to manifest, one more roll of toilet paper, one more paper towel, one more gallon of gas. We have all around us the quantum particles of manifestation.  How many times have you found a dress you forgot about or a pair of boots stuck under the bed? How many times has your little wish been fulfilled? More times than you can count.

As we move closer to the end of 2014, the very edge of 2015 sticks its inquisitive head around the corner of time, looking at us. We all feel a great shift is to come and 2015 could easily be the place and time, but we are gun-shy in our expectations, as so many have been disappointed over and over again by dissolving promises.  As I send my energy into 2015 I am always greeted by the same doorman guarding the time-portal. The question always is ‘particle or wave?” ‘Do I want the outcome in particle or wave?’ For the universe has two options for all queries. So as I sit with all thoughts and needs, I personally decide do I want this to stay in wave form and not appear on earth/ or go to particle/ matter/ form to finish its business?  I have found that just the thought or particle or wave shifts the outcome automatically.

2015 is going to be grander than we expect. When you sit alone in your room at home, does the hologram disappear if you take your eyes off of it for a moment? Do items appear and disappear randomly? Are you finding new items in your earth hologram that you cannot explain? A molecular shifting occurs as we all overlap our personal boundaries with the time matrix that opens new doorways to undiluted potential.

Like Gulliver in his travels we appear to have landed in a strange place where the old rules do not adhere. Do we let go completely, hands off and learn to fly or do we stay fast to our original truths? What once worked is now out of sync with itself. Are spiritual truths good in all dimensions or only to be cashed in on earth? We search for the next leg of our mission orders and our requests fall on deaf ears. Like a time-voyager stranded on a far off star, we look around us and wonder where we are, and why we are?

As our very virtual realities change and unfold like an early spring blossom, we come to a corridor of undoing. What is real and what is virtual, lives hand in hand, as all is seen and available for public review in a time loop. If you love someone online as a ‘wave’ will you love him or her as a ‘particle in real life. Do texts reveal more love than emails? Can a relationship virtually work as a wave alone?

As we move more of our heart connection online what will happen as it enters ‘the cloud’? Does our love life live forever… virtually? Is it easier to love virtually as a wave, than it is to love for real in particle and matter? All of this comes to the forefront of Creation as life on earth changes in propulsion and destination. Be aware how your love is revealed to all you meet.


roselamb 18th December 2014 8:59 am

I can only say WOW in wave and WOW in particle. Archangel Michael speaks again, profoundly and poetically! I fully understand and in no way grasp a word of this. I will read it again and again and let it circulate around me and penetrate within. Thank you. You have upset me and relieved me at the same time.
Love (That's all I really know.)