Thoughts from your Hostess of Light December 2016

As we move forward in the dimensional fields of inquiry and out of the 2016 flux zone we come to a place of reckoning. Reckoning is defined as the time when one is called to account for ones actions, to pay debts or to fulfill ones promises or obligations and settle accounts. This is not a one lifetime accumulation, but eons of time has come to a head and stops at your feet. The end of this year is a perfect time to clear out what no longer fits who you are in this time and place. Clear out the skeletons, the armor, the loves, and the hates.

Dimensional flux can be pretty nasty stuff pushing us into the gutter of self-asking how did I get here? Like Alice in not-so-wonderland you will not feel as if you do not belong in some circumstances that choose to clear. Feeling Like you are a stranger in a strange land becomes stronger in scent, as you make your way thru your life like a time traveler on a booze excursion. Of course you feel like you have jet lag, of course you are dizzy and disoriented, you dear ones are surfing thru time without even knowing you are at the airport.

Like going to bed in Alaska and waking up in Hawaii, human senses are upside down as they readjust akin to a google app gone askew.  As above so below also goes for inner and outer earth as barricades are defrosted enough to let the ancient civilizations ‘be heard’. Are those civilizations

 in our memory or so far away from our RNA schematic that we have no recollection of them, like a new species introduced from the inside out. As we move dimensionally into all octaves of knowledge many aspects of our selves may be lost or reconstructed in the data shift. when anything is observed it immediately changes character like a moody teenager on a full moon, it swings shifts inviting in its many probabilities.

Dimensional flux house many possibilities as new selves come forth to claim their slice of the PI. Like a person with many lingering sub personalities one may find those they love shifting faster than they can adjust to or keep up with. Likes, dislikes, memories, and manners all change as we all move thru parts of creation we have never experienced. Yes we are multilayered like a croissant but we have not actively interacted with most of those parts. As the universe comes around the mountain meeting itself face to face what comes forth to be acknowledged…everything!

People you have know from grade school shift in front to your eyes, as they play thru and try on new roles. Past life buttons will get pushed at a moments notice as every one changes their tastes to suit the new character they wear. Friendships will be strained as everyone tries to understand the shifts in perspectives and life. there is no right or wrong their just is this moment as all gather to get to know itself.

2017 will ask you to move through the nuances, the hidden levels, and instructions of what is invisible to the human gamut, like a stealth warrior in the dark of night. Gathering much data, this Light seeks to know itself as a parent that has been absent for eons of time.  Without expectations, without anchors, without regrets or even questions, a smoothness of alignment occurs. Like two oceans from opposite poles, meeting each other for the first time, blending swirling, becoming one again. In this time of extreme precision and acute mirroring of every thought, one will be able to create a fine mix of compromise laced with compassion.



Danielle333 12th December 2016 10:47 pm

Reckoning, gutter, and sounds like another gauntlet. I am proud of how far I have come in that I read these words as one of you now, almost. I have decided to not be such a bouncing little boat in a big sea as I did in 2016. I have decided to make a stand for my world and do what I can to bring in a good 2017. We have worked so hard. I say its time for some rainbows and butterflies my friends and I am willing to do my part. There may be a million Earths, parallels we shift to each second, so I always state I live in a benevolent universe and for the first time I can say, we deserve a good year!! In 2016 we were melted down in quantum microwaves that made us smell of popcorn and bacon, and had upgrades where many of us even had to learn to drive and walk again in new magnetics. Yes, good for us yet that WAS the gutter cleaning as far as I'm concerned. Now, I am going for some good ole fashioned joy and happy. Graduated to a crone from a maiden, and I will be crocheting, doing crafts and starting a career, and alchemizing in joy 24/7. It can be done. Thank You dear souls