Thoughts from your Hostess of Light - December 2018

This December energy swooped in and caught us all in a swirling time warp, we thought we had more time but it seems the days are quickening as we get closer to the winter solstice. It feels like a black hole consuming daylight, our energy and thoughts. We ramble on thru the day fulfilling our planetary and personal obligations trying to shine thru the dark seasonal clouds while trying to keep one step ahead of ourselves. Rushed we are right by the beautiful scenery of life and light right in front of us. Our tunnel vision narrows as we go around the curves of life. Our sights are on the future and how that will reveal itself. The now is so demanding there is not been room for self, soul or Christmas wishes.

Pushed we are like a herd of reindeers toward the north pole of self, seeking a place of peace and magic, wishing only to recalibrate our self to a place of peace & harmony.  We are each different in purpose and plan our DNA dances to a different tune and our facial expressions have many ancestors etched upon them. We are a collective of all we have been and seek to be thru time and space, past present and future.

This December we sit at a ‘crossing of choice’ as we get ready to release 2018 and receive the next year which will be filled with more than we ever expected. Like Clementine we will be coming around the mountain of self on a blind curve, 2019 will bring many of elements of Surprise.