Thoughts from your Hostess of Light Dic 2015

As we get to the end of this very powerful and life-changing year of 2015 we all look around and see how the landscape of our lives has changed. There seems to be an elongated pause in all things from computers to TV channels and conversations. A Moment of silence as the particles of creation scamper to catch up with themselves. Life demands, work demands, and family demands have taken there toll on us this very long year. It’s taking a lot more energy to keep up with the passing times. The gravitational pull has increased and we are all stuck in the mud emotionally as we strive not to feel as deeply.

Time has slowed down and quickened simultaneously. The time differential is being reset to move us all in a new direction that has more propulsion and less dimensional smog. Many seek an escape from this holographic projection. The weather has become a very animated mirror reflection as we battle the elements within and without self. We wait for life or something to commit one way or another. The climatic energies rewrite themselves in quantum entanglement. Like birds in a whirlwind we batter against the forces and natural elements trying to find our flight pattern.

Who we once were no longer exists. We literally live in-between the formed and unformed. Our connection to all things seems denser and wider than we expect. We feel deeply and profoundly from the sand between our toes to the tropical breeze in our hearts. Everything beats to one very powerful and pushy pulse. We all seek to know the unknown, the secrets of the universe. Yet most do not even know their own heart. Your eternal heart, the heart of the most high will lead you to the perfect personal path.


Peter fox 22nd December 2015 11:33 am

Great closing sentence,Gillian. Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Lots of Love...Peter.

Deeni 22nd December 2015 5:30 pm

Ditto, Peter.

Thank You, Gillian.

Much Love to you and yours over the holidays

Much Love, Light and Inner Peace to All. : )