Thoughts from your Hostess of Light - January 2019

Dimensional doorways in space and time open and close simultaneously, revealing themselves in-between coatings of light, uncloaking for all to see. This year as a planet we are being asked to look closer at the interplanetary and outer planetary entranceways that have been opened right before our very eyes. Ocular and cellular activations come to the Forefront of our mind as remembrances come to the surface to be seen in the light of a new day. What is unseen within, floats to the surface with or without anyone’s permission.

A triangulation of sorts awakens itself from a long tri-polar sleep, between the vibrations of Mars the vibrations of the Dark Side of the Moon and the teachings of Ultima Thule and all her asteroid sisters. These are just the beginnings of triangulation in this number twelve year/3 of learning. Our soul-self, human-self and cellular-self stirs the pot of interplanetary genetic materials. Earth memory, space memory and time circles come to a point of collective awareness. Like one caught in a Time Loop and cul-de-sac there is nowhere to go.

As Time glitches and dilations are found to live within the memory of every human being, many layers of truths will service as all begin to realize they have been receiving many dimensional and fractional truths, half-truths and ‘Mandela effect’ falsehoods. What once seemed important has drifted off to see, separating itself from the collective memory. This encoding Escorts one upward in a fibernocci spiral as one climbing endless stairs in a lighthouse. Finally the human eyes allow the human being to see what has been hidden in plain sight. One is forever changed in an instant, as hidden truths strip down. Each magical mystical otherworldly experience is sculpted personally in a dose that will assist one in in learning how to walk between worlds and stay balanced. Straddling the now as one dances in the future and past, is a cosmic see-saw, like a salsa dancer with 2 partners, the future moves are fluid and changeable.

The increase in solar and stellar activity shifts us from the inside and out. Like the Sahara Sands the human body begins to upgrade and change in a pixelated and granular form. Magnitudes of time and space are beginning to ‘wobble’ erratically. Some people are losing track of time, and thoughts fly away like a robin. Time has little caging as the day seems to simply vanish. Many are having difficulty sleeping, tossing & turning all night long. Weird dreams that do not seem to belong to you float to the surface during the sleep time. Some queasiness, body pains, phantom pains and dizziness. Some are feeling a sense of overpowering grief for no logical reason. Many are having visual conflicts, inner ear issues, inner outer buzzing.

Geo-magnetic storms and solar flares actually help us receive energetic ‘downloads’. They offer us ‘upgrades’ and assist in the transmutation and changing of our DNA. Geo-magnetic storms are highly transformational. However the human body is having a rough time with the influx of energies.

During a CME, Solar storm, or any unusual interplanetary or interstellar activity, you can expect any of the following energies. Headaches or migraines, breathing issues, sleeping issues (such as insomnia, interrupted sleep, not getting a full night’s rest), tingly head (crown chakra activation), irritable mood, losing items or they somehow mysteriously return, time warps and glitches, lose periods of time, being aware of other dimensions, seeing or sensing spirits, heightened paranormal activity, sudden insights and revelations, lethargy, exhaustion, heart fluttering, racing or palpitations, hyper-tension, confused/ foggy. Sounds like a normal day to me as we learn to dimensionally shift…..


Meg 15th January 2019 4:15 pm

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I’m glad I read this. So true. :smitten: