Thoughts from your Hostess of Light - January 2020

Okay ya’ll hang on to your holographic hats because this is like the marriage of Disney-World, Universal studios and real life all Blended together in this next decade of understanding. Remember the universe is calling this year ‘the big reveal’ The skylines of our life will change as the graphics proportions and momentum of Earthly movement Squirms like an inchworm, moving us into places of awe and dread. We seek solitude from the incoming commands demands and solar instructions as our body is bombarded on a daily basis with gamma rays and radiation from our solar system. Are we strong enough to do this, are we brave enough to do this and do we want to do this?

Coming into commandership of one’s energies perceptions and understandings is not a sport of weakness. When a species begins to rise to the Apex of their understandings, mountains become molehills and valleys become deep oceans. The virtual instructionals of life light and energy swarm us on a daily basis even though our human eyes do not see the invisible perpetrators. You can literally feel the energy swirling around you like a Dairy Queen ice cream cone beckoning you on a hot summer’s day. Do you enter this Indiana Jones Vortex of anything goes, where the unknown exists? Our very human fears and divine instructions intertwine to create a bridge to everything! Just like an Amnesia victim Awakening from a trauma, we will have wide eyes to see what has always been there. Can we hide like the she crab or do we move our awareness upward to take full responsibility as the Holograms shifts in accordance with the wants needs and proclamations of Earth as seen via the cosmic cloud.

We have yelled screamed cried and pointed fingers at the universe, asking for our power back, asking to remember who we are, asking to become holy and spiritual of Nature. When finally the crying child is given these gifts what shall the babe do with them? 20/20 exclaims and explains how to wear your Royal Garments of light that you were gifted initially within your DNA. Like the part of the brain that slows down time during great trauma, 20/20 allows one the gift of foresight and hindsight. Like a great flood of knowledge that sweeps the Earth energies many are brought to a peak of understanding, everything we wanted to know and everything we did not want to know.

Earth is revealed layer by layer in her bounty as she dances the dance of the seven masks showing her true colors and Power. She does not ask Humanity to fix her but to fix themselves as her heart beats within their flesh. It is her magic and Bounty that creates the human body. The great race of humanity tries to resolve its differences but in this they begin to recognize their own true hues and origins. But what happens when the kingdom wakes up from a long sleep of forgetfulness and looks at all around it with a knowingness that goes beyond time and understanding just like the Amnesia victim one wakes up and remembers

In This new decade of light a corner stone is being laid a foundation is being cemented. New opportunity comes without being asked. Like the masons of old build your future thought by thought, brick by brick. Do not allow those of too much wind to blow down your dreams with their negativity. Believe deeply until you see the proof. Hold on through all choices and changes. Stay balanced in what you know to be divine truth and the platform of light will solidify like cement drying. This new decade portends a light activation, opening the portal creating a continuum anointing the Land.

The number 20 is about new beginnings but within those beginnings lives a duality as does 20/20 itself. The Mayans incorporated the number 20 into their calendars; in Hindu philosophy initiates bow to statues of Krishna 20 times a day. In the Bible, it took 20 years to build Solomon’s home and temple; he then awarded his architect with 20 cities in Galilee. The number 20 is about spiritual progression and reaping what is sown. This number often shows internal conflict affecting a major decision a personal destiny decision. This energy reflects the universe approves of your plans and decisions. It is time to embark on a new spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings, The # 20 number comes as an assurance that the divine realm is looking out for you. God is watching, and He is not happy when His children are suffering and losing hope. This is the time for you to be conscious of the divinity in your life, encouraging you to elevate your life.

The Number 20 is about hindsight, foresight and future sight. Number 20 is about service to Souls, humanitarian ideas, and Universal service. A call to duty as our soul selves awaken to a call greater than themselves. 20 being of polarity has knowledge of both the light and the dark and consciously chooses light. The zero is a vibration of blessing and possibility and protection. 20 is death to the former way of life, what is outdated is released, 20 bears the cross while wearing the crown. The 20 vibration is about teaching the wise use of time. 2 is me and not me. Both sides of the mirror both sides of the coin, Mine and not mine, What I have and do not have. Words that hold the 20 vibration-Toil –time- wise -balance – will

The number 40 (20+20) is about safety and protection. This number is masonic of nature trailing thru time. The number 40 is a highly practical, down to earth associated with hard work, honesty, and personal integrity. This energy wakes up faith and hope, helps you regain inner strength and find new motivation. New adventures and experiences seek you out. Finally humanity is ready to build their personal city Foursquare and to acquire higher consciousness and align with the laws of right and justice. This is about consciously creating universal harmony getting your life and light squared away. Having higher standards of honesty, making ideas concrete and workable, organizing time.