Thoughts from your Hostess of Light - January 2023

2023 is a bi-lateral-layered numerical year. With two distinct doorways of energy we will walk thru. The number 20 that lives within 2023 displays strength, awareness and sensitivity. This number is about perceiving any and all emotions; The ability to sense when others are struggling within self and life.  number 20 is concerned with new beginnings within a duality of choices. This number is part of the ‘plan of completion’ ‘Teaching the wise use of time.’

Spiritually speaking # 20 is a strong number sequence it speaks volumes within its choices.  It asks and tells you all at once, ‘it is now time to embark on a spiritual journey’. Your spiritual journey will only be successful if you start listening to what your inner soul light is telling you and follow the feel good trail of cosmic bread crumbs. Allow nothing to distract you from your path of heart that seeks to know it self.

Number 20 within 2023 is about hindsight, foresight and future sight and a call to duty. This energy is about polarity; knowledge of both the light and the dark. The zero within this combo is a vibration of blessing and protection. Zero is a number of great mystery, like the ‘alpha and omega’ it usually occurs during times of great choices and great changes.  Be conscious of the ‘daily divinity’ that is in your life. It is time to find new ways of uplifting your precious earth-time. Be a vessel that brings joy; inspire others by your actions.

Words of a 20 vibration Toil- time- wise- balance- death- cross-will.

Two is me and not me.

Both sides of the mirror

Mine and not mine,

What I have and do not have,

The second act drawing the thick curtains of time open within the teaching of #23. This is a powerful no nonsense “I AM” frequency. It is aligned with accomplishing that which seems impossible. It asks you to put the “I AM into what seems im-possible’.   This energy is about soul and cell regeneration in all of its definitions. To Know- To Be! This is a doorway that welcomes in new thought patterns, more mental admittance, with accentuated mental telepathy skills. The 23 symbolism conveys a message ‘to believe and trust your inner voice’.  Your inner instincts will drive you for miles. Follow your inner GPS (God’s protection system – Good Psychic Senses)  Words aligned with #23 energy; Research-Explorer- Learn- Joy- Fun- sorry-surrender.