Thoughts from your Hostess of Light May 2016

Lately it has been as if we are all sitting in the sidecar of our cosmic Harley just watching life go by. We are passengers and nothing we say or do seems to make a difference. Even though we travel in life with so many around us, we are at the top of the spiral staircase in our DNA and in our aloneness.

Everyone seems to be dialed in to a difference channel, as if the tower of babble is now a cell tower splitting our atoms and our communications. Everything has become virtual and not real. We are texting each other in the same room. Touching each other with real words has turned into a series of capital letters. Scientists have recently found out how computer viruses follow a similar path with human viruses. They have mapped both and there is a commonality. The quanta particles do not interpret a virtual virus from a biological virus. Scientists have reached out even farther and said one-day actual viruses will be transmitted virtually via the internet. Are we losing our humanness and compassion, due to tech? Oh yeah we are! We now hide behind a screen name, an email or a twitter account.  A mean girl is a mean girl in or out of hyperspace. Every word counts even in snap chat where the message disappears, or does it?  Our words will be captured in deep space one day, every one of them .

As we all have become more sensitive and psychic on every level we have also stuffed much of what we have perceived psychically as betrayal and anger into the deep recesses of our personality and cells. As we become more dimensionally astute we will be aware of the roles other play as well. In this place they can be your best friend, in a dimension a few strings away they can be your nemesis. Part of coming into a higher light and wisdom is learning how to balance this act.

Trying to do this on a daily basis can make a beautiful goddess a little prickly. Most of us that are aware try not to let out psychic perceptions cloud our heart or vision. We want to love it all, but we are still affected by every word spoken and unspoken. Our souls know truth in all of its dimensional forms. 

As all the planets come face to face with one another at the OK Corral we too face some old fears. Humanity has gone thru a great reweaving of the light system so to speak. Like ‘this old house’ many light fixtures and light structures needed redoing and upgrading for individuals and the planet.  A tweaking of internal memory/hard-drive/ with new components of self was needed for many to continue on their path of light to the finish line without giving up.

Technology of earth was quickened before the planet was fully in their heart and ready to receive it. Like many a fallen star and continent from time before, too much power and tech, is not a good thing.  It has to be balanced with the heart in order not to tilt the scales of matter,

Our world is a string of intercepted wires and messages from every source, all look at our words and our energies, for the broadcast is just not for earth, many ears seen and unseen listen with intent. Using the message system of the heart we bypass some of the communication cyber glitches. Before you call or text or email a person take one moment and connect with them in your heart, Even if it is a credit card company or an ex-husband.  This will create a bridge of light and divinely smooth the way for actual communication without the static.

When you touch another heart to heart you can feel it immediately. It bypasses time and space touching the person all through time. As our dimensional selves become more active and we know our choices are a string theory and affect all dimensions and personalities we look more intently at our next step. Being impromptu is wonderful but not for the trailblazer who seeks to truly know.

It will be an obvious choice that the universe may not be agreeing with your decision to go into deep water but as the parent energy they will let you get pretty deep before they say whoa Nellie! We all want to think it is free will but is it really? More like fate and freewill hand and hand. Your body, your finances, and your drive will all tell you when to take the next move, whether that be relaxation at the beach or projects in your life, listen with your heart.

With all the planets backward your heart will drag you kicking and screaming into you past lives, your past life this incarnation and your future lives. Since time encompasses all possibility you will see with a new clarity and lenses that are adjusted. Look at these sequences of events as one that watches a video, keep your emotions at bay and you will tread these moving waters easier.