Thoughts from your Hostess of Light Oct 2015

The emotions of the planet are palpable and pushy. they take energetic and weather form, sweeping thru our lives like a giant wave, creating a forced cleansing, a liquid release shoves its way down every corridor of our heart and lives. This driving force expels all islands of sad thoughts that once drifted out to see. We see the forces of nature as they slowly reveal their true spirit. Strong and mighty as any angel they stand tall sometimes getting in our space and our face. There was at time that we commanded nature and told it what to do! In days of old when we wore the garb of a wizard, It listened and obeyed like a chained dog growling back as we commanded it to do our biding.

Times and energies have changed, mankind must learn to blend with what he tries to command, with a bolt under a truck or a fall breeze. Separation has befallen all point of light in the past, as well as complete ones, so an even equilibrium is needed to keep the cosmic fulcrum balanced.

The time of commanding anything is over, I am sure you have noticed. Even though we cannot beat the price of food into submission, we can on the other hand align with the molecules of life and circumstance responding to subtle inner signals like one riding a horse bare back on the beach, just slight movement and common ground find the horse and rider one.

Coming into oneness is not just about people place or thing. We live virtual lives now as more and more people pick their individual mode of communication, less email, more text, more facebook, less phone calls, a smidgen of letters. Less hands on, easier access, fewer words all point to a vanilla box heart connection. Nothing spells loving like hands on contact, heart to heart.

We are suppose to be getting stronger but we all feel a little more susceptible. To what we do not know, but our ‘spidey senses’ are tingling. Trust your body, not your eyes, as you begin to see dimensionally, look in-between the grey areas….cataracts I think not! You may not listen to the news for a week but I guarantee your body felt all of it, without you having to know one thing. We are all connected and the web grows tighter.

The next few months will give us a boost up in many areas, as we learn that what we think manifests quickly and almost verbatim. So watch your words especially power charged ones like ‘ I am sick and tired /cc, I can’t stand it anymore /cc, so and so is a pain in the butt /cc.’ (cc means cancel/ clear ‘be gone damn verbal spot’) If you could be Mr. wizard and knew every word counted what would you say? What would you not say? In one little ole paragraph the next 3 months have lifted their cosmic skirts and shown their petticoats.


Brenda Hoffman 12th October 2015 11:09 am

Thank you, Gillian, for this inspirational channel!!!!
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

earthchild 14th October 2015 11:43 am

Gillian.... I really respect all that you say especially in your past articles regarding twin flames. That feels very true to me. I just can't help to comment on what you say about us creating our reality strictly on what we think or feel. I mean the whole ascension process has been very challenging especially on a personal level. How many of us haven't experienced letting go of jobs, friends, homes, people close to us and have had to experience criticism for being who we are and needing to still be authentic and true to our hearts? I can't see how very human feelings such as "I am sick and tired" can change the entire journey that we are on as souls? We have to remember that we are just humans too even though we are on a soul journey of a lifetime. Olivia


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