Thoughts from your Hostess of Light - October 2019

I know this is only October but it’s time for you all to gear up and get ready for the ride of your life. Our planetary teacher Mercury goes retrograde on Halloween. The ghosts of Christmas Past will be here sooner than expected. During this time I usually call in the goddess of completion because when you can’t go to sea you stay home and mend Nets. We all have a closet full of nets that need mending reconnecting resetting and recalibrating. We will have plenty of time for that between October 31st and the first day of Sagittarius at the end of November. When you actively enter a state of completion the universe issues a decree and declaration in your favor. The universe is all about order within the chaos.

The human mind is hungry for order, hungry for completion, hungry for checking off everything on the to do list. The brain needs to know that everything that has been nipping at its heels to do, to complete, to read, to be, has now come to a place of rest. Just like a waking in the morning a rest allows one to renew their senses, to renew their rhythm to renew life. We are so serious as humans worrying about every little thing this timeline opens up an opportunity to learn to play with the universe, like two children playing ball in joy with no expectations, totally in the moment. Play involves a give and take. Give yourself the gift of play. Interact with the magic of life pure like a child’s heart and and watch the blessings flow. Need Nothing, Attract Everything!