Thoughts from your Hostess of Light - September 2022

As Mercury retrograde continues to swing us around the dance floor we come into aspects and partners within ourselves that we are not used to dancing with. Thoughts, images, and memories dance around in our body, mind and spirit creating doorways of healing within heart and soul. Every person that stands in front of us truly or virtually is but a reflective mirror of all that lives within us that we have not embraced fully. Whether it is their anger their joy their love their wealth or their truth all reflect features of us that still need to be addressed.

Time stops for no one as you are well aware. Our hearts are still in a deep planetary healing space for all sadnesses and losses of the past month. A great loss of all that is feminine beautiful and healing has occurred on the planet, the preamble to a great shift.  Many years ago Princess Diana died on August 31st, Mother Teresa died on September 5th, Then our beautiful Queen Elizabeth went to the heavenly realm on September 8th, ushering in 9/9 the vibration of completion and healing, and finally for the USA the 911 energy. All of these powerful ladies of Light were magnificent in their own way and will Never ever be forgotten. Kings will rule the United Kingdoms for the next 100 years plus. Unless there is divine interference there will not be a healing Queen again until after that time. The beautiful ladies of light that shine in the celestial realm, lineup like the stars in Orion’s belt all shining brilliantly in the night sky, or do they lineup like the 7 sisters in the Pleiades waiting for a family reunion.

Interdimensional Time Rewinds

We are all living threads of light in the tapestry of God each of us is a different shade of God, a different voice of God, a different eye color of God. Our dreams are different our personalities are different yet our desire for Love is the same. We were not created to be of the same color of thread except for the magnificent light that we represent and come from. In many dimensional existences, Oneness, Allness, and Harmony is connected is a natural flow of evolution. We volunteered to come to Earth to wear different flags, see different sunsets, kiss different babies, and learn to Love unconditionally from the top and bottom of our hearts. Yes we are one, yes we are of the same light, but we deliberately incarnated into different Earth experiences, embracing her many tastes of learning.

We have come to a point of deliberate Oneness as the crown of light is removed from one head and placed on another. We have been forced into our corners of inner thoughts and life deliberately, purposefully and carefully. The world pauses in a Holy breath, as a living wholeness seeks to come to Earth. We are often forced like a herd of woolly consciousness into one holding place of thought. Within ourselves within our friends within our family, the Hall of Mirrors has wrapped itself around us tightly as Heaven is given free rein. Divinity has ridden in on the back of human unawareness and used the opportunity to show its true power.

In truth this is a new beginning a dimensional dwelling, with rules we don’t quite understand.  As all the scars and fractures of our past dimensional selves unwind as a ball of yarn we find ourselves entangled emotionally, drenched with knowing’s we had not seen. We feel lost in space, lost on land, lost in our own mire of thoughts. As interdimensional time rewinds, renews and rewrites itself we receive corrective lenses so to speak. Inner vision into what is unseen hiding on the nuances of life. Where did our dreams go, where did the love go, where did we go? We look in the mirrors of our life and just don’t recognize who looks back,  we seek to find super-size our heart while upgrading our light.

As we try to re-stuff the old pillows of self, fluffing ourselves up, we’re not in the same shape of intention as we once were.  We are ready to bring back who and what we once were, but within that image is a past watermark that does not fit into the now. Hence we are re-stuffed like a s’mores bar with double the toasted marshmallows, could get a little sticky.

As the autumn weather opens her colorful arms an elemental shield is formed around us. Just like a tremendous rainstorm that comes after months of drought, the ground of earth is parched and cannot absorb the powerful arrival of liquid blessings. All seek to get back into a place of wholeness but that wholeness has rewritten itself into a place of non-recognition.

We are dimensionally in a new land we are not who we once were, we have lost a part of ourselves or it has been exchanged for something else? Either way it is up to us to move forward through this new backdrop. Our perceptions have changed our thoughts have changed the way we look at life and each other has changed both for the good and the bad. Our senses have increased allowing the human body to pick up on hidden nuances within nuances, revealing all that is cloaked. We are now given extra amounts of unscripted abilities to perceive internally what is to come, to see what is real truth within a chasm of falsehoods.