Time Nuances

We are the essence of time that is known and unknown to you.  We are the essence of everything that has past and everything that will be. We are the energies that scribe themselves upon your body, your mind, and your thoughts as time to come, as time to be. We are ALL time that exists.  In the expansion of time, there is a contraction of time.  In the moving forward there is a simultaneously moving backward.  Always your forward stretches and stances or paralleled by backward movement.  Always getting to the destination of the future can only be entertained and entered into through the essences and the nuances of the past.  And thus all time runs hand in hand.  Moving forward is the same as moving backward, and moving backward is the same as moving forward. 

In the time of the eclipses there is a sequence of numerical encodings that are exchanged within the common denominator of earth, which means that numbers will change.  The numbers of your chronological age will change.  The numbers of your biological age will change.  The number sequences that you know and hold within your DNA will shift and change.  The number sequences in the amount of minutes and seconds and time blocks of a 24-hour period will change.  The latitude and longitude of where you reside in your home will shift.  It will be tweaked.  There will be galactic movement and time will for several seconds move backwards.  Backward movement is needed in order to regain and re-calibrate the near future. 

It its similar to your time in history when days on your calendar were deleted and added in accordance with the wishes and needs of those in power. If you foster that same thought to hold a galactic equation, there will be deletions and corrections in the time/space equation.  Your Time has been as a man running on horseback running along side a locomotive.  The locomotive represents the galactic understanding of time.  The man on horseback represents the human understanding of time.  At this upcoming intersection of Time, both will be placed in alignment  intersecting, instead of paralleling one another allowing you to understand the curve of the galaxy.  Nothing in your galaxy runs in a straight line.  Everything is curved to gain momentum.  In curvatures, the gravitational pull and the pull of energy shifts – sometimes there is an uphill lift to it, other times there is a downhill essence.  At this time your energies are in an uphill mode, but at the time of the eclipse, you will gain momentum and you will experience and finally understand this galactic energy surge and time alignment. In that doorway you will expansion more than you can understand at this level of thinking, but you must be opened.  Hold open your heart, hold open your hands, and hold open the mind to grasp this experience as it hurdles you forward.

The energies of your earth are purposeful limiting.  The 24-hour day, 60 minutes, 60 seconds and 12-month years were created to confuse and limit you. This time nuance that you are to enter will help you understand that Time as you know it innately is pliable, moldable, stretchable, and contract-able.  You will go throughout your day and sculpt it in accordance with your needs.  Each person will create Time according to their personal wants and needs. Some will want their days to be shorter, others will want their days to be longer, some will want more daylight, others will want more night, and some will want more dusk and more dawn and less high noon. 

As Co-Creators you are now becoming Masters of Time.  The energy that your world is created on is holographic of nature, which means it is imaginary.  Your imagination and your imagery sculpt the outcome of your life.  Each of you is working with a different hardness of  rock with a different form of  sculpting tool. The eclipses escort you in to more of your master-ship and allows other energies -- that have been held outside the frequencies of earth -- entrance into/onto her energies. 

As these Time Nuances are momentarily stopped and escorted backwards, a doorway of entrance is then begotten around the previously sealed energies of earth.  Those energies, which are of a higher frequency of light, will then be molecularly and politically aligned with the next step of earth's evolutionary process. We assure you that the time doorway will only allow in what is of the Christed frequency.  These energies will align with each one of you to escort you in to more of your Christed energy and more of your understanding of what the God in you desires you to complete, desires you to understand, and desires you to love.  So be open to a new understanding of how your world, your perception, your understanding of all things is about to shift. 

The 'portal' that you all  seek externally is who you have always been.  The key that unlocks the doorway to gaining entrances in to the heavenly sphere is you.  You are the key in human form.   You are the doorway in human form.  You are the light of the divine that you seek.  Decree on this evening as you slumber that you give permission to be released of all that is not of the highest vibration of light. For behold – the Light Comes.  Some of you are thinking, “Is this the 2nd coming?  Or is this the first?”  We will leave you with this thought.  We are the essences of the Time Lords.


Mailena 12th December 2011 4:00 am

This feels very sweet to me, thank you.
But I am also puzzled:
The outcome of my life ? I did not know my life was supposed to have an outcome ???
Being the holographic illusion that it is...
Maybe it was meant, how I come out my life ? :)

zorro 12th December 2011 6:03 am


For ages the pendulum controlled time pieces. They swing forward and back, and have velocity, acceleration, and follow a curved trajectory. They are nonetheless subject to gravity and drag as they move forward and back over an equilibrium point, and are also influenced by the spin of the earth. Though their use is in decline, they served us well for a time, and illustrate what you are describing. My thought is that if this is being replaced in time-keeping by quartz crystal and atomic time-keeping, is there a correlation with the tranformation of our own biology and relation to time?
Thanks for another early morning conundrum to ponder.