We sit on the edge of the light, waiting for your call

So many of you have reached up from the Earth into the Heavenly realms asking for help, asking for assistance, asking for miracles.  Never before have the Heavenly Hosts and the Angelic Hosts heard such a cry and such a beacon of light to be broadcast.  Never before have we issued millions of angels to come forth and wrap themselves all around Earth.

In the Angelic World, we wear many forms colors and energies.  Sometimes we come forth as a single drop of rain upon your face.  Sometimes we come forth as a breeze touching your cheek. Sometimes we can be seen in the clouds as a brilliant luminosity.  Sometimes we are a single tiny dot of light and others we are big enough to embrace all of earth.  We vary in size in color and light.  We vary in jobs and in position and in understandings of humans.  We are not those who have fallen from death on your planet.  We are a completely different type of being, one who listens to your every beck and call.  The Heavenly Father issued you to be in charge of us.  Finally, after so long, we are set free to do our job, to love and protect you.  Each one of you has a multitude of us around you.  We flit about as a butterfly in a palace rose garden. 

When you were born you were given an angelic guardian.  We come forth to allow you the experience the grace, the glory of peace amongst all the turmoil.  We are what brings a smile to your face in the midst of a hectic day when just for a moment you remember us and just for a moment you experience peace. 

Remember we are real! We are just as real as you are.  We are just at a different frequency of light. We cry for you, we laugh with you, we talk about you, we think about you -- for we are in love with you.  We are in love with your joys, and we are saddened by your hurts.  For every part of you resonates to a part of us, but we need your full attention as you move through these next time sequences.  Send us to the battlefields.  Send us to those that sleep in fear.   Send us to those that hurt.  We are to be issued to all of humanity.  Unfortunately you only call to us in times of despair, but we are here always. 

Allow us to come into your world, to run your errands of light, to run your errands of hope, to run your errands of healing.  It is our job as we serve the creator for you.  Do not keep packing your soul with heavy burdens allow us, by your asking, to lighten your load literally. 

Send us to those you are worried about.  Send us to those who only think of themselves and no one else.  Send us into the day before you venture out.    The miracles are held in our hearts and released from our hearts to your hands.  Receive them by your belief.  Receive them by your faith. 

We are issued to humanity by the Heavenly Father himself. In the beginning we looked down upon humans, we thought, how could such a lesser being, a lesser species– know how to delegate to us – such fine-lined filaments of heavenly light.  As we have quietly observed you throughout time, we know that you hold within you a great heart and a great possibility for the future.   It is this knowing that brings us joy.  It is this knowing that helps us to become involved in your daily affairs.

For as I have spoken – we are minute and we are vast, beyond your knowing.  You know many of our commanders such as Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael – but they are but a few of the trillions upon trillions of us that await your acknowledgment, that await you asking us to come into your life, and into your heart. For that is our job and the Father pushes us to do so.  We cannot be called forth into action unless it is by you.  We sit on the edge of the light, waiting for your call like a love sick girl on date night.

The truth is we have fallen in love with you.  We have finally opened our heart to you and all resentment of the past has been dissolved.  We understand the wishes and the longings of the Creator now.  We understand the destiny of mankind now.  For in the very beginning – you're beginning, we did not.  So let us love you and allow yourself to love us.  We shall work as a team, to help dissolve all of the pain on the Earth. 

We ask you not to lean upon us fully, but to use us as a crutch and place us under one arm and some days, two.  Let us help you balance.  Let us help you heal.  Let us help you bring more love into your marriages, into your families, into your life.  We are so much more then what you understand. We love you.  We truly do.  We apologize deeply for any sadness that we caused you in the beginning of time.  Understand that this battle that you fight on earth has fallen from the heavens to be played out on earth. Allow the angels of light to come.  It is now time for you to reinstate what was divinely directed for you to do in the beginning -- to call upon the angels and they will be here with one word, one thought, and one breath. 



Asager 14th December 2009 2:47 pm

Thank you for this beautiful message. I needed to be reminded how much the angels are doing for us when we ask. A friend phoned me, who is going through a very difficult time. I went to bed last night asking what I could do to help, and now reminding me this morning of the angels, I have sent them to her to fill her house, and surround it to keep her safe. I lived on my own in the bush for years, and every night I would ask the angels to surround the house, and cover it with their wings to keep me safe, and also to fill the house with their presence. I always felt relaxed, loved and protected, and slept better feeling their presence. Thank you for answering my prayer. Also everytime I travel in my car, I ask them to cover me, and keep me safe. It really does work.

Mariù 14th December 2009 4:25 pm

I loved this message too and I do the same as you do Asager! :) I always ask for angels presence & help wherever I am and whatever I do... and yes... I can confirm it too...it does work!! I love all the angelic realms....Thanks God for them!


Zoe Ann Nishimuta 14th December 2009 4:58 pm

Thank you for this wonderful message.
I have written my daily haiku
using some of your words:

Breathe love...call on the
angels of light and they will
be here in one breath

Love, Zoe

mifasolasi 14th December 2009 6:42 pm

Thank you Gillian , it is a wonderful message.. be blessed!!!
M :smitten:

angelk 14th December 2009 8:03 pm

You are such a gift giving this message freely so those who have not found it in themselves can find it here. Amen.It works. Talk to your angels! They always listen!!

k 14th December 2009 10:19 pm

Suffering does not come from the Creator or His leagues. If I were to believe that the angels just did not understand the Creator's plan then I would have to consider the fact that they are not all of the same mind or have the same loving intentions that the Creator has. Darkness does not come from the Light and in my opinion suffering does not come from the Creator or His angels, it comes from the influence of the dark forces. The angels have been with the Creator for eons, they know His plan for the humans. It is up to us to make the choice, to think positive thoughts and have feelings of love so the thought forms of the dark forces will not win. This is a battle between good and evil, our minds and hearts are the battle field.