Where Did I Put Those Ruby Slippers?

Hey Yall after weeks indoors It’s time to put on the ruby slippers of belief and get ourselves to a place of planetary healing on all levels. So many layers of muck not being seen comes to the surface unexpectedly as chess players are swapped out for the domino effect. Put on your best stay at home clothes and don those ruby slippers. Click them through all time and allow them to escort you into doorways of beliefs that are far greater than any you see open at the moment. Wearing these ruby slippers You cannot worry and believe in the same breathe in the same Heartbeat. The energy of flying through the air with the greatest of ease represents what we are being asked to do amidst the friendly fire and booby traps. We are asked to LET GO of what we once believed to make space for a new reality, not of our conscious choice. Like one that travels thru time taking the wrong turn we come face to face with that which does not belong. The belief factor has to be 100% or nothing at all. Knowing truth is body knowledge, untruths tend to irritate the body on many levels.

You are asked to hold your peace in the mist of the battle, to anchor with the divine certainty that you will arise unscathed. Believing so deeply and so strongly is not for the weak of heart, weak of light, or weak of purpose. Stand strong in what lives in your heart. In the mist of all Hell breaking loose become a living blessing. Use your light and your heart to bless another. Bless all that cross your path, become healing and holy, in your life, in your appearance and in your intention.

Look for ways to be a blessing. You can never out give God. Whatever you give, in blessing, in belief, in peace to yourself or another will be given back to you in denominations of completion that outweigh any expectations you have or have not had. Let the desire of your heart lead you into a place that will help you bypass all that comes to circumvent and circumcise your soul.