White Buffalo Calf Woman - Part 1

Children of Illumination, let your spirits soar upon the wind that whispers through your hearts. Let your spirits soar upon the song of a bird, the twinkle of a star, the babble of a creek. Let your spirits ride upon the tail of a rainbow. I Am White Buffalo Calf Woman. I Am she that weaves and heals the holes in your heart. Like a spider I Weave Light catching the morning dew of hope.

Ascension is not available until you have embraced all of earth – her dilemmas, her heartaches; her pains. For you come to clear and love the flesh of your flesh that comes from the body of Mother Earth. By not loving your humanness, by not loving your earthiness, by not loving the cells, and the organs, and the hairs, and the wrinkles upon your body – you are not loving your Mother Earth. You can heal her only by loving YOU.

Stop on a daily basis and love every inch of the human body that you wear over your light. You are asked to enter into this next doorway of Light by loving every ache, every pain, every bone, every hair every iota of you inside and out. It is easy to love the whales, the trees and the rainbows, but not so easy to love your humanness. Do you love who you are this minute? Every intersection of life is etched in the memories of your flesh.

Every choice you ever made – no matter how you view it now – was a divine choice. Every experience that you germinated, cultivated and then harvested was a creation manifested and birthed by the Divinity within you. Every individual on Earth is having a different experience. Do not judge their experiences, nor criticize them, nor analyze them, nor rebuke them -- for their experiences are perfectly divine, as they have created them.

The upcoming energies ask you to come into balance within yourself and not to worry if thy neighbor is in balance, or thy husband is in balance or thy boss is in balance. Balance begins and ends with you. It is not your concern what another is doing, as their learning experience. Do not busy yourself with the details of changing others. busy yourself with honoring your choices, your energies, your frequencies, and your challenges.

Each of you has come to a boxed canyon. You seem to be at the end of your rope and choices. Understand dear ones, you are being asked to move mountains, to change the molecular structure of what blocks your way, to walk through what keeps you less than, separating the seas of your life. Walk in empowerment knowing that you can shift what you commanded into existence.

For every item in your life, in your closet, on your floor, and on your body – you commanded into existence. You created it into the physical world. I Buffalo Calf Woman ask you to love all of your creations --for God does not rebuke even one of his creations – he loves all of them, no matter how much the creation does not love itself. You are asked to take the posture of Creator and love what you have brought forth into your life.

You all stand at the Doorway of The Sun. You will experience an eclipse of the sun. This does not mean that blackness will enter your heart, but that you will go within to the portal of the heart and enter into all that you have brought forth to learn from. On the other side of all black holes are stars that are being born, birth that star within you.

Walk into the sun. The sun is a doorway of pure light. It is a pinhole in the cosmos, and the trueness of God shines through it. Walk into the sun within yourself. Embrace who you are. Stand tall in your light. I am White Buffalo Calf Woman. I leave you in love and blessings.


Peter fox 19th May 2015 7:32 am

Beautiful,Gillian- Thank you!

grammanet 19th May 2015 8:55 am

Soooo... Soooooothing and confirming that I am at this place in time where I know it is now time to take care of me.

Thank you Gillian again :)

Lorelei63 19th May 2015 9:28 am

Wow .... BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you, so much, Gillian - and White Buffalo Calf Woman. Deeply inspirational and welcome.

Kahi 19th May 2015 5:42 pm

Stunning - Lead the way forward Gillian

Deeni 19th May 2015 6:34 pm

Thank You, Gillian.

Thank You, White Buffalo Calf Woman.


Much Love, Light and Light to All. : )