Your Destiny Is To Be Part Of The Liquid Solution Not The Problem

The sacredness that you yearn to be, comes forth in the upcoming time as you breathe in the possibilities of your evolution as sent to earth by the solar winds. On the winds of change come an issuance, a declaration of knowledge that has been hidden and now sets itself free. It exposes itself overlapping the borders of non-disclosure, entering your world via the air you breathe, and the sky you live under.

You each hold and house records of what has been, records of what will come, and records that exist akashically and inter-dimensionally through space and time. You hold within you ancient truths that float to the surface of your humanness confusing the five senses. Use these escaped truths as a platform, a base, and a Voice. Decree verbatim your heart thoughts what it is that you seek, Bypassing the chaos of manifestation.

All  thoughts that run in your minds, in your hearts, and in your everyday world are asking for solutions.  You house and host the truths, the wisdom’s, and the solutions to all thoughts and problems within your sphere of existence. Everything that is issued to you in thought, in action, or in decree can be solved by you in thought, in action, in decree!

When you ponder injustices, you awaken a cellular vibration and knowledge of every experience throughout time that particular injustice existed. At that point of awakening you can strengthen or dilute the injustices by each thought. Your woes, your wants, and your non-solutions can command the elements into disaster or peace.  

You inherently hold all questions and all answers simultaneously. When you have a completed thought that involves a person’s decisions, a place, or disease, or injustice – your light essence is asking you to add your thoughts of completion to it in order to move it forward into a place of positive outcomes. Do not hold on to the negativity / injustice or ask why the problem situation was created to begin with.

Each time your thoughts go forth into a place of "why something is or is not” then you to become a team player with the problem not the solution. Your destiny is to be part of the liquid solution of all things that you seek. Everything that is addressed by you is addressed because you are part of the solution. It does not matter if it is personal, planetary, or private. When the energy comes to you, it is asking for your help. You have the deciding energetic vote. You have the deciding quantum particle that will shift the situation from problem to solution. Do you see how much power is involved in this knowledge?

With each thought throughout your day, you are influencing the outcome of humanity, of this solar system that you exist in, and this universe that you play in. You think that you do not make a difference but you do. Every thought you have is a deciding vote. Every desire you have to make right, to do good, is a deciding vote in favor of illumination ascension, and peace. Vote from heart. Make a difference from heart. Decree from heart. Hold the focus on what you want to see. You are the deciding celestial vote in everything that you wonder about.



camelman555 19th July 2008 6:21 am

sometimes when I come on here and read a message it's almost as if it has been penned specifically to me