2014 New Year Message from the Goddess of Creation

Watch the video of the channel here

I channeled the Goddess for a message about some of the things to expect this in this coming year. As you listen to the video, there may be a few areas where it's jumpy. The reason for this is because I've had cold and edited out some coughs!!

Some of the points in this message include:

1) Your alignment with your divinity is becoming stronger than ever before. The more that people align with their higher selves and divinity, the more you have a strong foundation to help you through your life. This has always been a part of you, but now there's a greater ease in expanding.

2) Let go EVERYTHING you've been trying to manifest. Sure, you want what you want, that's fine. But create a new beginning. Get out of the rut where you had not as yet manifested what you wanted and move into a new beginning of the desired manifestation.

3) It will be a very physical year. People will feeling the integration in their bodies more than ever before. She spoke of how our food and drugs in particular will affect us differently. So pay attention to what you eat and what you take.

4) Governments and big businesses are going to have more stuff come out that's been hidden. No longer can things be hidden away.  

5) In the end, it's all about balance; finding balance in your life, balance in your choices, balance in your environment.

Get off the trains that's been taking you around and around in circle and look at what else is around you!



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