A Template of Balanced Energy

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During the channel, the Goddess of Creation speaks about how there’s been such an influx of feminine energy that there is now a balanced energy.  The balance of masculine and feminine has created a template that surrounds the earth and is being integrated into the earth.  This is also a means of clearing out the collective consciousness. 

Since Atlantis the earth has been in a masculine based society.  The time is here for the energies to be a balance of masculine and feminine.  Therefore, there have been huge influxes of feminine energy infused into the consciousness which is creating this balance.  That balance has been reached, therefore there is a template created that is in the process of integrating into the earth.

The greater the integration, the greater ease people will have with tapping into this energy.  Each time change such as this is created; it begins with the template, then moves into a more integrated state.

In addition, the Goddess spoke of the balance within the earth and it’s link to the universe.  We could see how the solar flares have actually been assisting with creating the shift in consciousness.  This was recorded 6 days before the Spring / Fall Equinox and therefore was tapping into that energy.  It’s particularly intense with the Equinox, the solar flares and full moon.  This is a time for you to be very clear on what you DO want and keep that in your awareness.  


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out inviting you to come and join with me during this time that we spend together.

The feminine energy is becoming much more balanced upon the earth. There are more and more aspects of the divine feminine, such as myself, who are able to integrate into the collective consciousness which in turn filters through society.

I know that many of you may say that it doesn’t seem that way when you look at the news or when you look at the things throughout the internet that show oppression and that people’s rights are being denied to them. But indeed, when one looks at it from the perspective of the whole, the balance is shifting. It’s coming out of that masculine balance and into an equal balance between male and female.

I laugh because I can just hear everybody saying, “Oh, where are you looking at? What are you talking about? That is by no way happening”. And it is. What happens upon the earth is that there is a hologram or there is a template that is created and then that template is integrated into humanity. Be it a one-to-one basis, be it through a particular culture or be it through all of humanity at the same time.

And when I speak of the greater balance that is taking place, it is within the template, but that template has got to be created in order for humanity to know what to reach towards. So when we are or you are creating a change in the template of the collective consciousness what you are doing are creating alternatives for people to tap into when they reach towards the collective consciousness trying to find an energy.

There is a great deal that is taking place in the unconsciousness of people. So, when that is the way that humanity is living through their unconscious that is the part of them that is tapping into what is being created within the collective consciousness. You see what I mean by this.

We then have the millions of people such as yourself who are upon the earth and have chosen to live a life of consciousness, to live a life of awareness where you are making choices of how you wish to live your life. You are making choices of going into meditation or creating thoughts or opportunities that are supportive of you and help to embrace love, light and the All That Is or the best for all, howsoever you want to look at that.

You are making a profound difference as we are creating this template for the collective consciousness. This is why I like to say to people or I wish to say to people that no matter how much or how little you do every time that you step into a thought that supports you, that brings joy, that gives you the opportunity to feel enriched or supported within your life, you are bolstering up the template or the hologram.

You are creating more threads and more opportunity that others will tap into. You, yourself, go back and tap into it also, because there is always that link to you as the individual. So when you consider the words or the intention that your words have meaning, your thoughts have meaning, your intention has meaning; what you are speaking of are various ways in which you do create a change or a shift within the collective consciousness.

Be aware that as each one of you finds a place of joy within your life, it is not missed, it is celebrated by all. Let this be a celebration of life. Let this be a celebration for each one of you, the individuals.

Nama sika; I am the one. Venia benya; I am the whole.  You celebrate the individual, and you celebrate the whole.

I invite you to take a deep breath in, where you breathe in sending that energy down into the earth. As you allow your energy to flow, merging with the earth, you can feel the essence of Gaia as the energy of Gaia flows up within you.

Allow that to anchor you as part of your physical reality so that you can then release your consciousness. You allow it to stream up out of you. It moves up through that cord of light. You find yourself merging within the energies of the space of your higher self.

As you flow your energies into your higher self, look around. You know what this place is. You come here all the time, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. But your higher self is that place that allows you to align with your divinity while still being upon the earth.

Have the intention of feeling the support and the presence for what this is. Have a sense then of shifting out even further. You follow that column of light and it takes you directly into your I AM Presence.

You as your divinity are immense.

Look around. Allow yourself to really know who you are. You have had countless lifetimes that have created this I Am Presence, which is you.

If you so choose, you can reach out and discern various lifetimes. If you so choose, you can open up and just allow the unconditional love from you as your divinity for you the person in this lifetime; absorb all of what that is for you.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst all who are here. I reach out to embrace you, the person; you, as your divinity and as our energies merge allow yourself to shift into the space of the All That Is. Look around at what is here. There may be a sense of people seeing all the same thing. It may be that sometimes people see certain things that others do not. So for this is a place for the whole, there are many nuances that may be special for you.

There are many, many changes taking place upon the earth. I spoke of some of them a few minutes ago, but I wish to speak of some of the other things that are also taking place. Say for example, the solar flares.

As if you are looking at a big-screen that’s as big as the universe or as big as your galaxy have a sense of looking out. Just perceive all that is here. You may have a sense of the earth, of the sun, the moon. You may recognize some of the planets.

There is an alignment between each one of these planets. One may call it, the sacred geometry of the universe because there are angles, shapes, mathematical equations that are based in which one can discern and the ways in which they work in harmony with one another.

There is a transition taking place upon the earth, just as there is a transition taking place out here in the universe. You cannot have what’s happening upon the earth be effective without having the support from the universe. So too, the universe cannot have a completely balanced energy, without the earth, the moon, the other planets, shifting in alignment. There is always movement. There is always transition that is taking place. So, as the earth is moving through, in relationship to everything else, there are times when energy gets nudged so to speak.

We are coming up upon the equinox, which is always a time to consider the energy. With this shift of the equinox, there are transitions from the sun and these planets that are coming into the earth. So too, as the moon is in a particular galaxy, the energy of the moon is quite amplified, which offsets some of what the sun is doing.

I invite you as you’re looking out at the stars and the moon, the sun, to take a moment and just allow yourself to go within taking stock of your life. Are you at that place where you have been hibernating throughout the winter and you’re ready to sow the seed that will take you to the next several months upon the earth? Are you perhaps ready to harvest what you have sown so that you may prepare for the hibernation of the winter?

Take a moment and let us first begin by considering what the last six months has been for you. Has anything changed? Are you still in that same place? Have you manifested what you were seeking to have or are you still seeking those same things?

So as you take stock, are there things that perhaps you thought you wanted that you no longer have any interest in? Let’s consider that first of all, and if there are desires that you have had that no longer serve you just take them up from within you, within your consciousness ~ whew ~ let them go. Send them off into the universe. Let them dissolve into the ethers, because they no longer serve you.

Is there anything that has deep roots for you? Deep roots that you’ve been working on, nurturing, loving, supporting and you’re waiting, waiting, waiting, for the end result.

Here in the universe shine the light upon whatever that may be. Perhaps you look at the roots. Perhaps you look at the creation. Perhaps there is a reason why things have not manifested as yet and all you are doing is creating a big knot in the roots. So, take a moment to go into whatever this is and as if you might be pulling it up gently from the roots; I know, I know, you’re saying, “I just nurtured this all this time, I’m not letting it go”.

If your sense is to leave alone then leave it alone, but if this is something that you’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting, perhaps years to manifest then it’s time to pull up those roots, clear it out and begin with fresh energy and fresh soil. So if this is the case then just let yourself reach down and gently, gently, bring up the roots of whatever it is that no longer serves you, letting that come up within you. Bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~ whew ~ let it go.

Open up and feel the wash of the universe that universal light, let it just flow through you and let it go down into that space, filling up, nurturing where you just pulled out those old roots that no longer serve you; some of them weren’t even alive anymore. So let yourself breathe deeply, breathing in the energy of new potentials.

As you consider your life, is there something that is still stuck in the old energy? Is there something that you still feel that need to struggle, to push, to force, to try to make things happen? If so, now is the time to let it go. ~ Whew ~

If you feel a need to make something happen you are stepping outside of the flow of your divinity and therefore no longer serves you.

Consider as if you are starting from scratch what you would like in your life. Is there any possibility that all is complete, that all is well and that you have everything that you wish to have? I put that up there as a new potential, that it’s not anything new, but I remind you of the potential to find the peace, the joy, the happiness, in every now moment.

It’s there for you, it’s available to you and what you will find is that as you continue to focus upon the joy, the acceptance, the abundance of the moment, you will gather more and more and more of that within and around you. Indeed.

Let’s consider some of the changes that are taking place in the higher dimensions. There are greater and greater amounts of people living within the fifth dimension, so that the fifth dimension is becoming the more consistent dimension upon the earth. There are still those that drag behind in the lower dimensions, the third and the fourth but it is becoming more and more difficult for them to be within that space.

 As the fifth, sixth, seventh dimensions are more readily accessible for people you have the opportunity to work with higher vibrations of your own self. You also have the opportunity for greater ease in communicating with the angels, the teachers, the guides.

One of the things that’s happening with the solar flares in concordance with the equinox and the full moon, is that it is clearing out a lot of energy from those third and fourth dimensions and as that does so it allows them to shift upward merging or blending into the fifth dimension, so that as you consider it in your linear time frame you may have the third at a particular degree, the fourth at a particular, the fifth.

So as the fifth dimension begins to absorb the fourth, it causes the fifth dimension to expand even further upon the earth. Therefore, when you feel these energies of transition, if you feel a need to sleep longer allow yourself to sleep longer. If you feel a need to do something that is outside the norm for your everyday life allow yourself to do that. If it feels like everything is confused and your thoughts are hard to stay on task, recognize that there is transitioning taking place within the actual brain waves and the circulation within each one of you as a human.

I smile because as I say this each one of you is saying, “Yeah. I know. Yes that’s true. But of course”. But yet in your everyday life you think, “Oh my goodness, solar flares are causing problems” or you tend to recognize how it knocks you outside of your norm as opposed to recognizing that it’s an opportunity for you to create transition and that with this transition perhaps there is what you’ve been seeking.

Sometimes people have headaches. Everyone’s third eye is becoming much more activated than it has been before and you can feel that energy moving through you. The light body or the crystalline energy is becoming even more prevalent within and around you. You can feel that as it moves through you.

Here you are at this moment in time. Whatever it is that may be going on in your life allow it to be that it will be; enjoy the moment. When you feel things knocking up against you and giving you an opportunity to reconsider your life or your choices accept that they are even more potentials available for you.

The ET energies are also coming into the earth in a much greater capacity that they have in the past. There are still those that step into fear when we speak of this and I would like to remind you that the vibration of the earth is such that those coming in at this time are those of the higher lighter vibration in alignment with the crystalline that are bringing in technology, information, potentials, all of which will serve as a balance for that template that is being created. There have been lower vibrational ET’s that came in during the time of Atlantis that are still coming up for release. They are not nearly as prevalent as some may think but they are enough that it creates havoc.

Consider the pendulum as you are creating balance upon the earth. The earth has been such that if you had joy you had sadness. Everything had an opposite that was there to balance it. If you bring in great light and abundance there is darkness and lack. You will find many people speak of that and that is within each individual.

This is one area that is transitioning in the new energy. As the crystalline vibration integrates more fully within the earth there is just a state of balance, you need not say, “Well with all this light coming in there’s greater darkness”. The light illuminates what has already been there so that it may shift and transition and merge with the light.

I hear people saying, “So will there be only light and there is nothing else?” That is not the intention of the earth. There are planets and places in the universe that are pure light energy but the opportunities of the earth are about potentials, free will, emotions and thought. Many places out within the universe are without the emotional attachment; others are nothing but emotion and feel no separation from the other. It’s a collective consciousness that may have individual energies but everyone feels the same, knows the same and are the same.

This is one of the reasons why so many enjoy coming into the earth. So too coming from a space like that it may be one of the reasons why certain people struggle upon the earth. There it goes. So if  you can open up to that potential that you are here, you are living upon the earth; you are choosing to integrate higher, lighter vibrations. You are choosing to integrate greater crystalline light body energies into your life and as a result of that it will illuminate all that is within and around you and that will shift into the collective consciousness, it will shift into the hologram or the template of the higher dimensions, thereby creating greater opportunity for it to move into everything that is happening upon the earth.

Will it get into a crisis point? Indeed. Will it be something that causes the entire earth to explode or to disintegrate? Absolutely not. This is why we very consciously work with people and individuals to integrate a deeper consciousness that allows for movement, for transition and for opportunities.

Here you are at the equinox. Here you stand with the sun and the moon and all of the planets. Let everything flow within you, supporting you, illuminating all that you have planted and take a chance at creating something new or being open to something new, as you harvest, nurture within yourself. As you are planting, plant the seeds of light and love. Plant the seeds of health, abundance and the balance within and upon the earth. It feels good, does it not? As I look around it’s like I see people in a place of joy. I see people dancing; I see people talking.

Life upon the earth is to be lived. Life upon the earth is an opportunity for you to choose; sometimes every moment, sometimes every day to choose what really resonates within you and then as that flows out from you, you will manifest other energies that will also resonate with you.

Breathe in deeply, breathing in the crystalline energy that it will create the clarity within you, so that you manifest at the highest vibration that is within your best interest at any given moment.

Allow yourself to be clear in this moment. If there’s something that you’ve held on tight to; let it go. Feel the love, the nurturing, the support that promises for you that you are not alone and that you are fully supported. There is great love here for you.

I invite you to come back together as a group. I invite you to discern the hologram of the earth as it comes back up within you. First of all take a moment to just look around and see the difference in those who are here with you. See the difference within your own self and then as you begin to flow that balance, that evolved energy of the crystalline into the hologram you begin to discern some of that template of which I was speaking.

As it flows within the hologram there is the energy of the hologram coming back to you so that you are creating alignments that will help you in your everyday life.

There are many other guides and energies here. They too flow their energy into the hologram as do each one of you and then you let that go. You see it as it flows down. It moves through the dimensions, it moves through the crystalline grid, it flows to whatever it needs to flow until it goes down anchoring within the core essence of the earth. As it moves into the earth it anchors within those crystals, the rocks, the essence of Gaia and then it comes up expanding out from the center and as it comes up through the earth it flows up within each one of you, but it also flows up through the grass, the trees, the water, supporting all that is around you.

Become aware that as you anchor these energies you are creating the support mechanism that will assist you in your everyday life. Become aware of how your physical body is changing to be able to integrate the higher, lighter energies. Feel the support that is here for you.

You let go that essence of the hologram and allow your consciousness to once more come back to the All That Is and as it does so, allow for all the rest of your consciousness to come with you. You merge once more with your I AM Presence, perhaps picking up more energies that are supportive of you that you were unaware of before.

Let all of that come with you and you stream back, moving into the space of your higher self and that in turn creates an adjustment. The energies then continue to flow down. Allow yourself to come back within your physical body. You may need to clear out all the energies around you. You allow that to come back within you so that it flows down moving through all your energy bodies, moving into every cell within your body.

Have the sense of integrating that expansion, that balance of the crystalline energies so that as you are living your everyday life you are now living the energies that you created during this journey. You are allowing that to filter through you and into every cell within your body. Take in a breath and breathe deeply within yourself, opening to receive.

Beloved family as you continue to live your life during this time of transformation, during this time of awareness may you do so, working with the energies of the universe, working with the energies of the earth, knowing that template that has been created and it’s becoming amplified at this time is available to you. You are working with it. You are a part of it. It is there for you, and it is another way in which you are not alone.

So, beloved family know that I am always with you and within you.




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