A Thankful Vibration

Adding a thankful vibration into your life can create amazing changes from the deepest level to the most superficial.  Everything in life is a vibration.  People will frequently be pulled down or find themselves depressed for no apparent reason.  This channel can assist in changing all that.  You do not need to analyze every part of your life in order to clear things.  What you can do move your focus to gratitude or thankfulness or love.  These emotions will create changes in all aspects of your life. 

At the beginning of the channel, the Goddess spoke about our zodiac signs and how people are intrinsically aligned with the various elements.  This sets each of us up to respond in a particular way to life’s experiences.  She spoke at length about the flow of energy represented as a river.  Our lives are that river.  We will move over rocks, create new valleys and nourish the land.  It is very powerful as are your intrinsic emotions and vibrations. When you add gratitude or thankfulness into your response to life it balances, clears and settles all that is happening within and around you.  It literally will neutralize your lower vibrations.  

I encourage you to create a new perspective and invite it into your life!

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you as the person that you are in this lifetime. I reach out in love and honor for everything that is happening within your life.

There are the times when things are smooth, there are the times you’re in the valley, there are the times you’re in the mountain peaks. I invite you to remember that life is a slope; life is a river of energy that is always moving, that is always going over the rocks, that is always cutting through the rocks and cutting through the mountains and creating new pathways. I invite you to be in that flow, to be in that energy of transformation.

When you are born upon the earth you have your zodiac signs and some of you just naturally gravitate towards water, others towards the earth, others towards air, and these various energies create that foundation within you whether you are aware of it or not it is always there creating a consistency that flows within you in your everyday life.

So too are your thoughts and your beliefs; your thoughts created by the realities of your life, your thoughts that are created by the belief systems that you have, your thoughts that are influenced by your emotions within your everyday life. This is very much a part of who you are as the person.

Our channels, our meditations, our time together is always about opening to that flow of your own soul, your light, your God source so that you know you have that continuous flow of energy that moves into and around you. Sometimes it feels as if its right there walking side by side with you and then other times it feels as if you’re quiet disconnected not knowing what is to be.

I the Goddess wish to say this at the very beginning as we are here upon the earth plane as everyone’s energy remains focused and grounded within them. That massive amounts of energy, of light, of the crystalline vibration, are here flowing into the earth plane and flowing throughout the universe as the stars, the planets are shuffling creating new relationships with the way in which they interact with one another. You are a part of the huge universe, you as the earth. So there is you the person, you within your family, your community, your state or nation and then a part of the earth and then the earth itself is a part of the universe.

You have access to everything through your soul, through your divinity, through your meditation, through your prayers. Sometimes it’s about asking. How do you ask? What you look for and what do you want.

Here, it starts right here in this now moment whenever that moment may be. You are constantly in that flow of the river or in that flow of the energy and you jump in wherever it is that you jump in and then you may step out for periods of time. But there is nothing but love from me to you. There is nothing but support for everything that is happening within your life. You are here, you are in your life and you are in the soul plane and in the universe.

It is not typical for me to speak like this at the very beginning, however, this is a message that people needed to hear at this time and I wished to pass it on at the very beginning. So I invite you to once more breathe deeply where you allow your focus to move in through you going all the way down into the earth allowing it to move into the earth plane and as it does so it spreads out in different directions anchoring you. As it anchors your energy into this now reality you can then let your consciousness move up. It comes up through you, you let it go out through the top of your head and immediately you find yourself blending within your higher self.

This space of your higher self is a place that is the mixture of your divinity and your human reality. It’s an opportunity for you to look around; the more that you expand your conscious intention of moving into the space of your higher self the broader that alignment is.

Be here, be open to this place as a place where you may go when you want to get a new perspective, where you can tap into your divinity and yet you’re still in a very conscious space of awareness. You allow that energy to stream even further. It moves from your higher self, it follows that little thread of consciousness and that threat of light. As it moves outward from your higher self it goes directly into the space of your divinity.

You, as your soul, as your divine essence are immense.

As you blend your consciousness within your divinity allow it to just move into whatever direction is most important for you to know at this time. You’ve had many, many lifetimes. You’ve had many experiences that have created you as your divinity.

There now…I can feel it’s almost as if you get into a space that you merge and then you click or you connect and through that connection you build a bond that is you to source, you to yourself and that is what continuously flows into your everyday life. This is what I speak about when I mentioned that that love and that support from your soul is there, broaden that thread that links you to source.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you in this reality. I reach out and as our energies merge together there is a transformation or a shift that takes you into the All That Is. As you arrive within the All That Is allow yourself to expand.

I always love the times in which we come together in this space. There are many of you who are here at various times more so than just these conferences so that you create that space which is your own. As you look around open to feel the awareness, open to feel what that is to you.

I spoke at the beginning about being in the flow. I spoke of water, of the earth, of the air, you have fire and wind, they’re the elements that are so much the foundation for your life. There is so much that people take for granted which is completely fine until it is not.

Take a moment and consider your life. Ask yourself the question; are there parts of my life that I take for granted?

As you ask yourself a question there may be some very literal things; my heart continues to beat, my lungs are breathing exchanging the air, I have a home, clothing, family, so there are certain things in your life that you may take for granted because they are always there and you know that you can depend upon it. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however if you then go and look at a situation in your life and if indeed there are certain parts that you take for granted that may be adversely impacting you this is when it changes and is no longer just the support structure behind you.

So consider something in your life that you have been either seeking to transform or seeking to manifest. As you come into that energy take a moment to feel what it would be like for it to be accomplished. It’s already in your life; it’s already a part of you.

Now as you consider, I guess I’m feeling I am in two pathways here, so if it’s something you would like to transform, is there something about the situation that is not moving or changing or transforming because you have gotten perhaps into a rut or perhaps you take things for granted, that it’s always going to be there or it’s always going to happen and then sometimes you focus upon those things that are not working as opposed to the things you would like to have worked. So at this time just go inside of yourself, go inside your consciousness. As you consider whatever that may be, take this as an opportunity to just pull it out from wherever that may be within you  ~whew~ let it go.

There is always the heartbeat, there is always the breath, that is always keeping everything moving in your life, therefore if you keep being detoured or you keep coming to a dead stop and then having to start up and start over again take a moment asking while you’re here in this expanded state to understand; why is this is happening in this manner?

If an answer comes to you that makes perfect sense then let that flow all the way through your consciousness and down into your earthly existence. If it’s just a piece of the puzzle and there might still be more then let’s go deeper if perhaps there is something else that you seek to manifest and the pathway of your life is just a piece of it, look at what it is that you want to have in your life and then shift your focus slightly to say; why, why do I want that? How is that going to support me to be in that situation or what will happen if I’m in that situation?

Sometimes as people are seeking something that they want to have in their life they don’t actually realize that it’s there in a different form already within their life. Sometimes they want something that’s very drastically different however their focus remains on what is happening in this now moment as opposed to letting that go so that they can see something different and allowing that different to come into their life.

Is this possibly what may be going on with you? As you look at your life, as you consider whatever it is that might be going on, is that holding you back or is it that you actually have what you seek and you don’t recognize it. Peel away the layers if that is what is needed within your life.

As I am observing each one of you moving through this process I see some very subtle transitions taking place. For some of you, you don’t always realize how deeply entrained within you is a particular pattern or vibration and it’s that pattern or vibration that completely keeps you from being able to see or manifest what it is that you seek to have, therefore let these go deeply, deeply, deeply within you ~whew~  let it go.

Let go those patterns that no longer serve. 

And now, look again.  Was there a vibration or something underneath the pattern that was actually moving you towards what you seek?  Or was there something underneath it all that was always there in support of you and that was helping? Be open, to whatever that may be.

As you look at your life are there certain things that you feel a sense of gratitude?  Are you grateful to have certain people in your life?  Are you grateful to have certain situations within your life?  Thankfulness, gratitude, appreciation, blessing; these are words that as you allow those words and vibration of those words to move through you that can transform your perception; not only of your own life but as you look out at the world.

As I spoke earlier about those vibrations of which you may be unconscious that were yet influencing things, here is an opportunity that you can change some of those unconscious patterns through your intention.  Have the intention that you are able to manifest the life that you seek to have.  As I make that statement, some of you felt like a clutch or a visceral response that is saying “no, not going to happen, not going to happen”.

So you can go in and release as we frequently do, you can also then begin to let your focus be upon gratitude, thankfulness, and appreciation.  What do you appreciate within your life?  I have to laugh because I hear some people say nothing!  Yes, no matter what is happening within your life there is something that you can appreciate!  You woke up this morning; you had thoughts that went through your mind, that is about the most subtle or the most basic.  You are able to take in your environment, that environment may not be what you wanted to be, however, find the peace of it that supports you.

If it is very challenging for that to happen, then allow for thankfulness or appreciation to be your focus.  It transforms your vibration in such a way that these things will come up seemingly from nowhere.

Feel all of what this is.  There are always those people that focus upon the negative and seem to bring you down when you are in their presence.  You, therefore, create most likely unconsciously, a vibration that is in alignment with whatever it is that you allow your focus to be upon or if you are in the presence of certain people.  As that happens, it’s working with those patterns inside of you holding you back.  It’s working like little fish eating away at the other parts of you. 

Therefore, whenever you have an intention to be thankful in your life; thankful for no specific reason just the vibration of thankfulness; it becomes a counterbalance for all of those little nibbling things that are eating away and pulling you down.  You may choose whatever vibration resonates with you, perhaps as the vibration of love, perhaps as the vibration of appreciation or gratitude for thankfulness. 

Any of those can move gently and easily throughout everything that is in your reality.  Like that river that flows through moving rocks and changing solid earth, the vibration of thankfulness can create those changes within you.  You, therefore, invite thankfulness into your life.  You need not be specific; you need not focus upon any one thing or another.  You need only invite thankfulness or love or appreciation into your life.

It feels alien for you to do that and uncomfortable to you then allow it to just gently come into your life as if from the edges of your consciousness or the edges of your reality.  Let it move through everything so that you do become comfortable with it. 

Change can be uncomfortable.  Change is different, therefore you’re getting out of your pattern and you have to just become comfortable with the new pattern.  The vibration of thankfulness or love or appreciation fills in the gaps so that you become comfortable with all that is happening within your life.

Whew, I just feel wave upon wave moving through everybody now.  I heard you, somebody just said life is not always happiness and smiles; no it is not.  Life is not intended to be happiness and smiles every single moment of your life.  However, the happiness and smiles are what make your life worth living.  Happiness and smiles are what just brings you peacefulness, joy, harmony.

Sometimes the contrast or the lack of happiness and joy in your life allows you to appreciate it even more when it comes back.  These things may cyclically, cycle; they move in a spiral through your life so that sometimes they are there and sometimes they are more distant.

The key is that you always have access to love, to thankfulness, to gratitude.  You always have the ability to come into this space, be surrounded by Angels and light beings.  You always have the ability to connect deeply within your heart to your soul.  From there allow that flow of the water be the flow of energy to create a life that is filled with all that you seek to have.

Take a moment and put forth your intentions, perhaps you have one thing perhaps you have a group of what it is that you seek to manifest in your life.  As you allow for all of this to come together, surround it in gratitude.  Gratitude that it is something that you thought of, that you have created that and that you are making the space for within your life.  Surround it with love, allowing love to move through every part of it. So that all that you seek to manifest is there in front of you filled with the vibration that supports you. 

You then reverse it so that you go within yourself inviting in; thankfulness, appreciation, love.  As those vibrations move through you on a cellular level through every part of your being you are creating that link so that you need not worry about the specifics, you simply allow the vibration of love, of gratitude, of appreciation; letting that vibration be the link that assists you to manifest what you seek to have.  It is here, it is present, it is yours!

I could then see the stars moving through each one of you.  If you think of it as a star or whatever it is for you, it moves into your vibration, it moves into your consciousness.

So are you ready to receive what you seek to have?  Are you ready from a vibrational level within you, from an emotional level, from a mental level to receive all of what this is?  Take a deep breath in and be present in the moment! 

I invite all of you to gather together as a group.  As you gather, allow your energies to come into this being into this now moment and you may see each other from within the space.  I invite you to feel the energy of gratitude and thankfulness that we have been working with this evening to be a vibration that moves through the center of the group.  Love is a part of it, appreciation.

Coming up into the center of that vibration is the hologram of the earth.  The hologram comes up and immerses in all of these vibrations.  As the hologram comes up, you yourself consciously place that star of your intention into the hologram.  You consciously place the vibration of who you are into the hologram.

As you do so the hologram itself begins to find its vibration of balance within all this energy, it sends a part of it that goes out into the universe and the main part goes down into the earth.  As this hologram moves through the layers of the earth it is clearing out the collective consciousness.  It goes down into the center of the earth so that it may anchor within the center of the earth.

As it does so, it then reverses and expands outward.  As it expands outward it comes up through the many layers of the earth, it comes up into the space of where you are.  Have that sense that where you anchored your own energy into the earth merges and that vibration of your own manifestation to thankfulness through gratitude to appreciation; that vibration comes up into you clearing out your own energy field.  Clearing out you in your human reality and it also anchors within you.

The remainder that comes up through the entire earth. It is coming up from within once more clearing out the collective consciousness, clearing out the old beliefs systems, clearing out the old debris so that it gives everyone upon the earth a new potential to tap into.  Be it conscious or unconscious, it is now there and available for them as a much easier potential.  

Taking a breath and let that all flow within you.

As you are anchoring yourself bring back the rest of your consciousness, you bring it back through your soul it comes back through your higher self and it washes down over you in your everyday reality.  As this does so, you are now anchoring; you in your everyday life with the integrated form of you and the vibration of thankfulness, gratitude, love, appreciation.  It’s a vibration that supports you on all levels clearing out those vibrations that no longer serve you.  Breathe in, breathe out……

My beloved family, I wish to express from my heart to each of you the deep, deep, deep well of love that I have for you.  From that love, I feel my appreciation that you are a part of this team that we have created.  I feel thankful to be able to work through Shelly with each of you.  There are so many pieces that come together in any puzzle that is a group of people.

From my heart to yours I thank you and I appreciate you and I love you always.




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