Ascended Wesak Festival

For several years during May I have channeled Buddha & Yeshua during the Wesak (Vesak) Festival. This is usually around the full moon in May and is a time when Buddha returns to a high meadow in the Himalayan Mountains. This represents birth, death and enlightenment. I’m not entirely sure when it started, but I have always felt as if Buddha and Christ come back together. 

This channel was a very high vibration of their experience. Once we arrived in the All That Is, Sananda came forth and spoke with us about our souls, our oversoul and the various lifetimes that have created us as a soul essence. He stated the Buddha, Christ, Abraham, Muhammed and Krishna, plus more were aspects of Sananda. 

During this meditation, the Goddess takes us to a high meadow in the Himalayan Mountains. This is always incredibly pristine with tones and shimmering energy. Buddha arrived first seeming to come through the moon, with Christ right after him. They stood together and created a ball of energy that represented them. This ball then moved throughout the meadow and filled every person with their energy. 

They each then shared messages of love, ascension, light, and being one within yourself. When the ball of light returned to them, they sent it into the ground and it created sparkles throughout the area. These felt like fairies, Deva’s and twinkling light.

This is a powerful, transformational channel. I invite you to feel the love.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment. As I do so I invite you to let your focus come within but also to just let wave away from you or let move away from you in wave upon wave anything that may be the frustration of the technical glitches this evening that was in part for Shelly, but also in part for everyone and your patience that has kept you here to enjoy this moment.

As you feel your energies you can feel who you are, where your thoughts are going, what your emotions might be, all of these energies that might be floating around you right now. This time of transformation upon the earth continues to unfold as we speak. Tonight we are celebrating the Wesak Festival; some call it the Vesak. This is that time which is usually centered around the full moon in May which was already past; however, as you know the time space reality doesn’t matter when you come into the space of these meditations.

If this is something new to you Gautama Buddha is under the oversoul of Sananda, as is Jesus Christ, as is Abraham, Krishna, and Mohammed. Most of the major religions in your world have an oversoul that is known as Sananda and this oversoul had a very clear intention of bringing forth spirituality into the world that had been plagued with low vibrations, low energies, control, manipulation, those experiences that kept people in the lower dimensions.

Sananda is one of the most beautiful all-encompassing energies and he was quite pivotal during Shelly’s opening to channel in the early years actually the middle years also the late years! Here’s an opportunity for those of you that may not have experienced Sananda to experience him from these different perspectives.

Take a deep breath in, allowing that breath of energy and light to move through you, allow it to move down through your energy bodies so that it may connect with Gaia.

Feel the essence of Gaia. As you have the stream of your own consciousness as it moves down into the earth, take a moment, and ask to know how is she doing. How is Gaia, how is the earth, how is your planet upon which you live?

As you experience this energy take a moment and ask what you can give to Gaia so that you may send your love, your support, your essence, your energy directly into Gaia herself. There we go; now allow your focus and your consciousness to flow back up through that stream of energy into your heart center and as it comes within your heart center, you feel it as it swirls around, it moves up through your throat, your third eye, your head center until it reaches out into the space of your higher self.

Within your higher self take a moment to look around. For many of you this is a very comfortable place for others there is that sense of not being aware of what this is.

Take this moment and send your energy even further up from your higher self. Feel your energies as you blend with your divinity. As you feel yourself merge there is that sense of coming home, that sense of feeling unconditional love and awareness.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment and as our energies merge together there is a shift that takes you into the All That Is. Look around. There are many present for this evening. Some of these may be guides and energies that you work with, some may be new to you.

Before we move into the Himalayan mountains Sananda wished to come forward to speak with you. It is as if everyone is sitting in an amphitheater and you see Sananda as if he is coming onto a stage. The difference with this amphitheater is that no matter where you are you are directly in front of whomever might be speaking with you.

Sananda speaks:

Greetings my beloved friends and family, I Sananda come forth at this time to speak with you of the Ascension of the Earth. Ascension is taking place throughout your galaxy, throughout your universe, and even into the other Omniverse. I have been directly associated with the earth’s people, by working with you, assisting you in this transformation.

As my energies are flowing from me some of you will feel a resonance that may feel as if I am Jesus, Buddha, Abraham, Mohammed, or Krishna and there are others that are also associated with me but those are the primary energies. I come here for two reasons this evening. You see me. I am the oversoul for these various individuals. Each one is very powerful and strong in their own light; however, as they come back to source and come back to soul, they come into the space that is I.

You, when you are in your I AM Presence do the same thing. You go into the space that is your oversoul in which you have an opportunity to communicate with various aspects of who you are and those aspects are as if they have lived separate lifetimes.

Take a moment to consider those memories that might bleed through into your everyday consciousness.

The next thing that I wish to speak to you about, number two is the fact that in this new vibration and this new energy you will have an ability to communicate with these other aspects of yourself more easily. When you are in the higher vibrations you already do this, therefore take this as an opportunity to set up your intention that going forward you will also have visibility more readily available to you.

During this journey, this evening be aware that your consciousness is more expanded than it has been in the past, also be aware that the energies of the earth have transformed in such a way that you may have a perception of these changes.

I step back and the Goddess will continue, however, I thank you and I send my love and my embrace into each one of you.


The Goddess returns.

I the Goddess am back with you.

I now open the space that you may see that high meadow within the Himalayan Mountains. Before we move within that location I ask you to look with your inner eyes as I have done so for the last several sessions. As you look at the earth, what is your perception of the earth?

As I look at it I see there is a much greater light and movement of energy. This is in part due to what we are doing and the many, many, many others that are working from the outside into the earth, and then from within the earth coming outward there is also a clearing that is taking place.

I invite you to join me as we manifest into this meadow within the Himalayan Mountains. There are many who have already gathered within this space and as we walk through the field take a moment to notice how are you dressed. Many will be in your regular clothing that you are used to wearing, some of you may find yourself wearing garments that are different.

As we move through this meadow take a moment to look up look at the mountains that surround you.

Some of you may prefer to observe from someplace within the mountains looking down at the Valley. Some of you may be within the valley looking up. We move forward to where the Dalai Lama is and those others that are present. The high priest, those who are present to welcome these energies.

Again, have that sense of the full moon as we shift time and if you see that full moon that rises above the valley, there is a beam of light that comes through, coming down into the earth and we welcome Buddha. This is a time in which he returns to Earth every year frequently manifesting a physical body. Sometimes a hologram. As he makes himself known to those who are present take a moment to bask in the absolute love and the absolute presence that is he.

You will notice people paying their respects. He turns around, lifts his eyes looking up to the full moon and you see Yeshua as he too comes down on to the earth.

As Yeshua arrives he looks around acknowledging all that are present at this moment. The two of them embrace and in doing so there is a ball of light that is created by their combined energies. This ball of light, takes on its own vibration, it is as if there are sparkles, it is a pure white light, however, there are gold and silver colors that you see coming out from this ball of light.

This light is going to go throughout the entire valley. It will connect with every person that is present. And no matter how many it connects to, it is always the same pure crystalline vibration as if it is directly coming from them into you. I would, therefore, allow them each to speak with you as this orb or ball of light moves into every person that is present.

Buddha speaks:

It is I Buddha, welcome to my party. I walk upon the earth more often than this one day of the year or one night of the year, however, this is when I am most present.

I lived in a time in which there were many densities upon the earth. There were aliens, there was humanity, the animals that were upon the earth had a stream running through them of viciousness that was unique and different to that time. As you are aware I was focused in the area that you call Asia, however, the world itself, the landmass with smaller at that time, the oceans had not expanded and grown the earth and the volcanoes had not expanded the earth to what is right now.

This place within the meadow is a place that has always been sacred to me.

The change is here, the change that we’ve spoken about for 20,000 years is here. How many times did we try a conscious Ascension? Numerous, too numerous to even count. My lifetime was one of those and while it did bring in great change and it did infuse the humanity in my area with a more expanded spirituality it was but one piece of the puzzle.

I speak of the earth. I always feel such great emotion when I am upon the earth with Gaia. Your planet is sacred. Gaia is sacred. There are many, many Angels, Light Beings, Masters, who are working very diligently from a nonphysical realm to assist you in your physical realm. What I hold sacred is that earth, animals, humanity, trees, rocks, water, everything is united as one. It is a vibration associated with everything upon the earth and that vibration is anchored as one.

Feel what I speak about as I amplify that within you. When you know that you are one with all you can feel the consciousness of the trees, the consciousness of the earth, the water, the consciousness of humanity. Oh, what chaos that can be! Let’s find within you the love and as you send for the love into humanity you receive back even more love into your life.

You are one, you are all.


Yeshua speaks:

Greetings, it is I Yeshua known as Jesus. I walked the earth in a different part of the world, then my brother did. I walked the earth to bring in the light and I did so.

As I walked the earth I brought forth the reality that Christ is an energy, Christ is a vibration and the Christed energy is that of love. During the time I walked upon the earth it was particularly virulent with control, manipulation, slavery, distrust, it was a very narrow minded focus and one in which there was little regard for anything besides what each person experienced in that moment.

As I speak through this individual I am tapping into the vibration of this now moment and the Ascension that is taking place. When you look back to my time upon the earth I too came to these Himalayan Mountains. I traveled all over the Middle East. I met many, many people and through all of that I was spreading the word of love. I was also spreading the word of one and by one I spoke of being one within yourself, one with your soul, one with earth.

They spoke of the miracle that I performed. When you are as one with your soul it is not a miracle it is but an expression of you in that moment. When I would heal people I was aligned with my divinity and all of that was around me and I would help that individual align with their divinity so that that oneness would become their reality.

When one is ill or diseased there is some part of them that is disconnected from source; your emotions, your beliefs, your reality. In this new vibration being one with source, one with your soul will be much easier to manifest and it will also happen in a very unconscious manner that you then bring forth in a conscious manner.

People upon the earth are speaking of the fifth dimension. They are speaking of the fourth consciousness; they are speaking about expanded awareness, Ascension.

As you open up into the next level that not only is permeating into every human, plant, animal, every bit of the consciousness of the earth becomes permeated with this essence. You then recognize that your vibration becomes your reality of your intention. You have discord within your life. You, therefore, breathe into your divinity, into your soul, breathing down balance and harmony therefore your life becomes harmonic and balanced.

A key for this to manifest is to be present and allow. Analyzing, trying to put it into a particular box, anything such as that will put it more distant. I would, therefore, say to you, be always present with your soul. When you do this you are one with your soul and you can become one with all.


The Goddess returns.

I the Goddess come back forth to be present with you so that I may now discuss with you what is happening within this meadow.

You will notice that Buddha and Yeshua have come back together. They are saying a prayer, each within multiple different languages, and this prayer is going into the earth. As it does so there are sparkles of light and energy that are bouncing upon the earth, you may call them fairies, you may call them devas or you may call them abundant conscious life. They send that energy deep into the earth, into all the tunnels and the accesses that they make clear out energetically everything that was used for low vibrations.

That orb of light has made its way through everybody and as it comes back between Christ and Buddha, they work with it so that it separates into two balls; one they send down into Gaia and one they send up and it goes straight up through the moon and into the rest of the universe.

They take a moment to walk around finishing up whatever it is they feel a sense to finish up and then as the time is right rather than being one and the other the two of them ascend up, going back through the moon and back into the space of that very high light vibration.

There is silence within the meadow. Every single person, tree, blade of grass, sits absorbing the beautiful balanced and expanded energy that has been present.

You may choose to come back here at any point and when people are ready they leave the meadow, however, there is still a reverent silence.

Allow your focus to return within the amphitheater. As you are here within the All That Is you will see that this presence has changed. You are back in the space that you always have for yourself. Feel what that is.

I invite you to come back together as a group. As everyone finds that space it really is not necessary to work with the hologram because Buddha and Yeshua already sent that ball of energy and light, so what we will do is gather together and take that energy that is one, that sense of one, that sense of soul, that knowledge of you as your soul and you as your higher self, you as the person in this lifetime, let that sense of one, that sense of wholeness, let that energy come up within you consciously and send it out into the center of this group. As you do so you may feel the essence of the others that are here. This is something that you may practice in your life.

And that energy, that essence, it has become like a whirlpool; it swirls around one another and we send that down into the earth so that the essence of all becomes blended within the consciousness of the earth, and if we strengthen what took place in that meadow; that sense of oneness, that sense of alignment, that sense of unconditional love. And it moves through everything.

Feel your essence as you come back. You bring this down within you and as you do so stream your consciousness back into you the human.

As this comes back within you, allow your focus to also stream back through your soul, bring that energy and essence back within you, it streams down through you anchoring once more within the earth so that you may be fully present back within yourself.

I invite you to continue anchoring all of these energies not only within you but within your aura, your emotions, your beliefs, your thoughts, your physical body, become one within yourself.

Alright so as we bring this to a close this evening I thank you for being here and being present with Yeshua and with Buddha. I thank you for being open to the light. I thank you for every part of what this has been in this experience. The time of one is here and you are that essence of yourself, you are your soul, you are all that is you in a balanced oneness.

Know that I am always with you and within you.




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