Blending Your Divinity with Your Ego

I hear from many people that they are seeking to make changes in their lives; but nothing happens. When this comes up in channel, the Goddess is oftentimes saying, ‘it’s not in your reality, because your vibration is different than what you’re seeking to manifest’. This is something that most people have heard in one form or another for a long time!  I hear and even I sometimes feel like saying ‘just get there okay’???

One of the reasons that things don’t change in our lives is because our personality or our ego is in the vibration of what it knows. This is the part of you that doesn’t step into the abstract or the unknown; it likes to keep you in what it knows. Most often this part is also speaking from a place of protection not realizing that the change is what’s needed to move forward.

I hear from a lot of people that they know the earth is ascending, but they are still feeling 3rd dimensional or as if their life is stuck in the 3rd dimension. During this channel the Goddess spoke at length about dimensions, perceptions, realities and our experiences. It really has a lot of very good information to assist in greater understanding. 

From there, The Goddess spoke of working with your ego or your personality. This is the reflection of who you are in this lifetime. By aligning with who you are, then infusing the energy of your divinity, you can expand your personality or ego so as to move into something new. This is a way of shifting your vibration so that you align with the vibration of what you seek to have.

This channel is filled with information and a beautiful sense of love and acceptance.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one of you. I invite you to come and share this time with me. I invite you to come together as the whole. I invite you to come together one-on-one within your own self.

These journeys that we take together are for a number of different reasons. Each one of you is upon your path in life. You are moving through various experiences and that is what allows for your life to unfold. So too, you are having an experience that you may set forth and intention to create change. You allow that energy to come forth in this moment.

You may be having the intention or the awareness that you, yourself, are so much bigger than this lifetime and you were seeking ways for that to become a greater part of your everyday reality. In the end, the bottom line, you are seeking love, you are seeking love within you, heart-to-heart, soul to soul; first within you the person that you are, to your divinity and then the person you are to everybody else who’s around you.

You know that you are more than just this life you are living. And yet this life that you are living is in the forefront or the focus of all that is being created within and around you. Therefore, it is important to be open. It is important to connect with your human self, with your physical reality so that it may support as much of your divinity as you seek to bring through.

I feel such love for you. I feel such love for all of humanity. I believe in the human process. I believe in the earthbound experience that is created by the billions of people that live upon your earth. I believe in you.

I invite you to take one more deep breath within. Breathe all the way down through your physical self. As you do so have a sense once more of aligning with the earth and letting that come up through you and then as you do so let all that energy of who you are release from your physical body, allow it to expand into the space of your higher self. As you arrive within this space, look around. Your intention is the main focus or the main conduit that takes you from your physical everyday reality into that alignment. It may seem simplified, but that’s what I would like for each one of you to begin to understand.

So much in life can be simpler than what it is. I by no means express less than or criticize any experience that an individual is having but the more that you reach towards that which falls into space or falls into place easily the more you are in alignment with your divinity. So as you look, as you have that intention of aligning with your higher self, put forth that intention, allow it to unfold and you are there.

The space of your higher self is a place that is fluid. The energy is less dense than your physical reality, therefore as you are creating or as you may be seeking information, allowing that flow of your consciousness to move back and forth, is where you receive the information that you may be seeking.

When you have that conscious alignment that takes you from where you are and into that space, you will begin to receive even more insights than ever before. For some it may be that those psychic abilities you’ve been seeking to develop, such as clairvoyance, expanded sensitivity, expanded intuition will increase as you acknowledge this flow.

From there have a sense of streaming your consciousness once more. This time you let go that space of your higher self. You allow yourself to shift into the energies of the soul plane. As you arrive within the soul plane this is where you divinity resides in its entirety. Have a look around.

Become aware that this is how you access that greater portion of your divine essence. For some it may be as if you see that which represents a human walking towards you, others it’s all just a big beautiful, perhaps multicolored energy that you reached towards, allowing yourself to merge with that who is you.

You are each such amazing energies of light. Here within your divinity allow it to move through your conscious awareness of the human that you are right now in this lifetime. Let all of it stream down. Let all of it move through you the human, you the conscious essence living your life. I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. As I do so, I reach out and I enfold you within my arms. As our energies merge together, you may feel yourself as you expand into the All That Is.

Here within this space, become aware of all the energy that is here for you. Become aware that this is where not only a lot of your own energy is working nonstop to create what you wish to have in your physical reality, but this is where you many times will interact with other people. I invite everyone to gather around. I know we are always quite proactive as we come together in this time, space reality knowing that it changes every single time that you come within this space. For now, I wish to speak about the transitions that have been taking place in particular during this past year 2013.

I hear from so many of you that you thought the struggle would be over and things would be happening already. I hear from others that you thought living in the higher dimensions would release some of the physical symptoms that you have been having. Another experience that I hear from many people about is in seeking to manifest. There is so much that they’ve put out that they would like to have and for some it either comes in small little bits and pieces for others it may come in an overwhelming amount or ability; but almost as if too much, too soon or too much of a good thing. I hear some of you laughing at that statement, but for some people it is a truth.

Other people are asking, “Is there really an ascension process that is taking place upon the earth? Did the earth ascend or has that not yet happened?” Indeed, so many people continue to live in flux, so to speak, almost as if you are living between dimensions, living between realities, living between a space of accepting all of who you are.

This makes me smile for a number of reasons, mostly because especially those of you that have been upon your spiritual journey for quite some time. You think, “Of course, I know who I am; Of course I accept who I am”, and you do. Yes, I see it happening. I see it taking place every day. I also see that there are times in which people open and accept who they are through the perspective of their human ability. That’s what is different.

I would dearly love for each of you to begin or to take that next step into a reality that is based from your divinity. It may seem as if I am splitting hairs, but it is as if you look at the book from this page and then flip it around and look from this page at the exact same thing. I wish to emphasize that you are never doing anything wrong in your life. It is that it is.

So my first step to invite each one of you to do within this process is to take that big breath down, going inside your heart once more, and if there is any form of judgment breathe down deeply, allowing any judgment, be it you or anybody else to come up within you; bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~Whew~ and let that go.

Judgment is based in ego, is based within your human self. It is essential to have discernment as you are living your life and by discernment, I speak of how you take in all of the influences and you take in all that is happening and you allow that to create a foundation or to create a reality for you. That is discernment.

As you become critical, “I am not doing this well enough”, “I can’t succeed because I don’t have these tools to help me”, “I can’t get to where I’m going because those people over there are blocking me or they haven’t done their part so that my part can come out”. There are different ways. Some can be very subtle and flowing in the back of your mind, others can be very much in your face.

Even if the discernment is that it’s somebody else or someone else’s issue, if you are judging, it begins first and foremost within you and you are judging yourself even before you judge anybody else. So let’s let go been critical. Take a deep breath in, bring up any ways in which you are critical ~Whew~ and you let that go.

People have asked; what dimension is the earth living in right now? And the answer is every dimension, all the time, at any given moment. I love to make statements like that because they are real statements, but I can actually see some of you rolling your eyes as I make that statement. The thing is dimensions do not go away when the focus moves into a new space of vibration. A dimension is a vibration or a shift in consciousness.

Therefore, because the consciousness of the collective whole of the individuals living upon the earth has ascended to a particular level it allows for the predominant vibration of the earth itself to shift into new alignment. Within and around your physical earth you have every dimension available to you. It is as if some are locked down, is the perspective, but indeed, it is not that they are locked, it is that once, vibration needs to be at a particular level in order to discern that other level of vibration.

The majority of the individuals living upon the earth right now are living in and around the fourth and fifth dimension. Does that mean that third dimension is no longer available to people? Does that mean that people are no longer living with the intensity or the heaviness of a three-dimensional reality? Yes. Now, there may be those that vibrate at a level that seems similar to what it was when the majority was in that third dimensional vibration.

The reason for this is when one speaks of dimensions, it’s not that there is one layer that goes through all of consciousness and then there’s a distinct line and then there’s the next layer with everyone moving through. No, everything merges together. There is overlap and even within each particular dimension there are levels of discernment.

Now, I do not really care to get overly analytical about this, but because of the questions that I keep hearing from people, I felt a need or a desire to express this as an explanation.

Think about you in your everyday life. Does it feel as if you are pushing against resistance? Does it feel as if you may be walking through water and that water is coming at you as if to push you backwards and you are trying to push forward? Does it feel as if you are in a place that the discernment is, change is happening all around you but you remain in the same situation, whatever that may be?

This is what some may consider a third dimensional reality. It may be that as they look out at other energies, there is limitation. You don’t see what’s actually there because the focus that you reside within is in a different time space reality. That may be the perception that you have within your conscious thinking and analyzing.

Your physical reality in that exact same situation may be different it may be vibrating at a level that is higher or different from what are your thoughts may be. You may take that same situation and the cellular structure within you has already been moving through a transformation that supports you in a higher lighter vibration and yet your mental body, your thoughts remain in that space; that space of limitation, resistance.

You then have the potential in your current life time, right now to flow your energies up into the fifth dimension. What would that look like for you? It was as if I heard several people kind of yelling out, “Easy street, the fifth dimension is easy street where everything just happens every time”. Indeed, that is a true perspective.

Does that mean that when one shifts their vibration into the fifth dimensional level that everything in life is constantly easy and constantly in the flow? Probably not and again we circle back around to judgment. It’s not that you are doing anything right or wrong. What happens for each individual is that you are actually flowing between multiple dimensions all the time. Indeed, because you’ve grown-up thinking that you are living in the third dimension and this is what it looks like to you, so many of you think that you are still there in that same conscious reality.

I invite you to allow your consciousness to become infused with the energy, with the light, with the clarity that comes from an easier flow of light and potential. As if you allow yourself to relax for just a moment, taking away all the analytical that I’ve just been speaking about, have the intention that that vibration of the fifth dimension, 6th, 7th, whatever is the lightest, finest vibration that will balance you. Allow that energy to move through you right now.

Here within the All That Is everything is available to you. You need only have an intention and you send that intention out, it returns back. Ask to know what the fifth dimension feels like for you. Let go any preconceived notion, let go anything at all that may have been a past experience and instead open only to what it is right now.

I can see how this vibration moving through you right now is merging with the perceptions that you have of all these levels of consciousness. As that first wave moved through you it created a subtle difference not only within your consciousness but moving all the way down to your physical reality.

Now that you have that sense or that perception of what that is; as if you open up the door invite in a flow of light, a flow of energy so that that may accentuate even more what that space feels like to you. I invite you to do it in this moment so that you may be in a place of pure existence. Take a breath in and breathe out.

The more that you allow yourself to simply be in this space of existence or this place of awareness the more that you are able to expand or push out your ego or your human-based energies.

You may ask, what is the purpose for doing this? It is your ego or your personality that is founded by all of the experiences that you have had in this lifetime. It is that part within you that is constantly reminding you, ‘you can only do so much’. ‘You can only do what you know how to do’. ‘Oh, you think you want to do more? No, no, no, no, no; stay in this place that is safe’.

These may be some of the phrases or the thoughts that go through your mind be it conscious or unconscious. This place or voice of limitation is in almost every experience founded with a desire to keep you safe. Because it’s keeping you safe from within the perspective of what it already knows.

There are things in your life that you would no longer like to be in this experience. You want to have change within your life. By having this experience, by feeling this flow of energy, of light, of love; you feel that energy of the fifth dimension, flowing down into that place, that is, what’s the word I want to use?, supported by or controlled by your ego or personality.

And as you very gently nudge or stretch or expand the energies of what you already know then you allow that flow of the higher, lighter energies of your divine essence to move within this space then your ego or your personality begins to see; “OK, this is all right, I can expand, I can move into something else. I can try this” and it allows your reality to change.

It creates a change that is without that resistance. It creates a change so that your whole perspective as you look around at your life is from the place that is heart centered. It’s from the place that is based within your divinity. It’s looking at the page from the flip side.

I invite you to open up your consciousness and allow that to flow within you. You need not look at anything at all within your life, simply be open to expanding this flow of your consciousness with the intention that it’s working with your human personality or ego and you expand, expand, expand even further.

It brings me such joy to see this deep, deep, deep integration of your divinity into your personality. In some of you it is as if you are doing flips, doing cartwheels, you’re dancing as you allow this greater flow of your divinity within you. Circling back around to our conversation about the dimensions; from this perspective, when you consider your everyday life and the things that are taking place in your life look again.

For so many of you, the perception is shifting. So what you keep thinking is holding you back or keeping you in the third dimension is honestly or, I don’t really like that word; is actually attempting to flow within the fourth and fifth dimensions.

It is your personality that’s been dragging you down. Allow this deeper, deeper integration of your divinity within your everyday reality, because that’s what allows for you to vibrate, live, experience life in those dimensions that feel good, that allow for a much greater flow.

Consider your life. Consider what you seek to have within your life. As you do so, I want you to take everything that you seek to have, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~Whew~ and get rid of it. ~Whew~ Let it flow away from you, let it go out into the ether’s or wherever it may go. I see you reaching out there trying to grab it and pull it back. Let it go, because most desires that have been unfulfilled are stuck or connected to that creation that was more within your personality that you have now shifted and expanded.

So you let go everything and no, I’m not saying you need to let go of every single thing in your physical reality, although that is the experience that sometimes people have, but there’s no need for that; Just energetically let it go from here and begin again where you can really breathe down deeply within yourself.

And as you are taking every breath within you allow it to move through you continuing to nudge your ego or your personality into a more expanded state. And as you consider maybe the top 2, 3, 4 things that you want within your life, be open and see what comes to you.

In other words, as you are in the flow of your divinity and you ask this to share with you, “What do I want within my life?” Be open to the potential that it may be something different than what you’ve always thought that you wanted. So again, allow your mental body, allow your personality to let go, let go, let go whatever it was and give it a chance that whatever you divinity is bringing in to you right now give it a chance. It may be even better than what you’ve been thinking or what that pathway was that you’ve been circling within.

Open to receive new potentials, new opportunity, new reality. Step into the potential or the ability to live your life in the fifth dimension. Yes, it is available to everyone and yes, there is a part of you that’s already living there and it is that disconnect that creates the issues and the problems and the frustration and the pain and the suffering that so many people have within their lives.

This means of understanding allows you to work with your personality and your ego and again we want to expand, we want to bring in a greater blend with your divinity. It’s time. It’s time.

The integration that has been taking place throughout the past year has in part created much of the havoc that people feel within their lives. So too, it has allowed for many people to step up into the greater flow that they have been seeking to have. I invite each one of you not only to understand that you as the diverse individual that you are flow between these many dimensions, accept that, it’s a reality. You were already doing it in a very unconscious way but now allow it to be conscious and allow your expanded light vibration to be that which is the predominant energy within and around you.

Have a sense of weaving together the energies of your ego or personality and this very high light vibration of your divinity. Have a sense of living in a new reality knowing that when your divinity is there as the foundation for you that all is well, that all is in your best interest and that it is here. For some if you have been seeking, seeking, seeking to manifest something and it’s outside of you recognize that you need to shift your vibration into the space in which you are now in alignment with what you seek to have and you do so with your intention. You do so by allowing your focus to always be on feeling good, feeling light, feeling energized; whatsoever it is you need to do, to allow for that to be your reality.

 I invite you to take at this moment, and wash through the energies that have been within and around you. Wash through all that you’ve been seeking to create so that you may instead, open to a new reality. Open, allowing your divinity to merge through everything that is a part of your life that you are living upon the earth.

I invite everyone to come back together as a group. As you do so, have a sense of the hologram of the earth coming back up within all of you. The hologram continues to evolve just as each one of you are evolving.

Take in the various alignments of energy that are emanating from this hologram. There may be a message for you as you look within this space. Infuse within this hologram, what it is to have your expanded personality or ego and the greater flow of your divinity within and around you. You can feel this; you can know it and as each one of you sends that awareness into the hologram, it begins to expand, it begins to move at a faster pace. There is more light and energy that emanate from within. It is almost as if it sends out sparkles and it sends out energy.

You release that hologram; it follows that conscious alignment through which each one of you moves on a regular basis. As it’s moving through the crystalline grid there is an essence that moves out into what may be called the new earth, which is actually the expanded dimensions.

There is also the majority of that that flows down into your physical earth. As it does so it goes into the center of the earth linking with the crystals and the energies that are the core of your physical reality.

As that begins to expand it comes up through the earth through every layer of the earth no matter what part of the earth in which you live is almost out through the earth, and as it comes up feel it as it comes up within you in your physical reality. Let it help you as you are again expanding the energy within and around you that is associated with your personality or your ego so that it can accept the vibrational alignment that would be with greater ease and will assist you in your life.

Let it from this perspective when you are anchoring it out in the All That Is, and it is here in your physical reality clear out, ~Whew~ Just let it clear out everything around you as if it clears out where you live, your job, relationships, potentials, whatever it may be. ~Whew~ Let it go.

As that happens allow that greater alignment to become comfortable within your physical body, within your physical reality. And then you have a sense of letting that go allowing your consciousness to once more come back here within the All That Is, and perhaps there was some sort of a discernment that came to you, through that experience.

So here in the All That Is, consciously let that flow move through and move out and you once more infuse your divinity within your physical reality or within your personality, allowing this new balance, this new blended consciousness to be here.

You then let go of the All That Is. You may have a sense of shifting back within your divinity. For most of you, you may take in a greater perception of who you are as your divine essence. Take in a breath and breathe out. From there you allow your consciousness to shift once more. You come into the space of your higher self. Look around, you’ve shifted this into a different reality or a more expanded reality.

Acknowledge it, aligned with it so that as you in your everyday life can reach up to your higher self and allow this to come down with much greater ease and then allow your consciousness to stream back within your physical body. As you do so, you may send it all the way through down into the earth once more but take a moment as if your consciousness is settling within and around you.

You have a sense of working with every cell within your body so that from a physical perspective you have cleared out; you’ve created a new foundation, a new place of balance. From there it moves through your thoughts, your beliefs, it moves into your emotions. Let everything clear out and allow yourself to shift allowing your ego or your personality to fully align with you as your consciousness, with you as this higher lighter energy of a vibration so that as you are living your days you can look and see that paper from the other side. See your life with new potentials. Let go, let go, let go anything at all that hasn’t worked for you. Today is a new beginning. Accept that for yourself.

Alright, so as each one of you moves through the next days or weeks upon the earth, be very conscious of expanding your human experience. Be very conscious of opening to the flow and integration of your divinity. Be very conscious of looking at your life from a perspective that is turned around from the way in which you’ve been looking at it.

You can create change within your life. You can manifest what you seek to have. Allow it to move through into the dimension, the level, the reality, which most aligns within you. Be open to receive. Feel that presence and allow it all to flow within and around you.

Know that I am always with you.




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